Epic TV Week

You all know I love me some great entertainment, and this week was an amazing week for television fans.  It was truly epic and a lot of fun.

Sunday- Lego Simpsons.

You have to give Simpsons a lot of credit that after 25 years they are still coming up with new and creative ways of telling stories with 5 main characters.  This episode was a lego episode and it was a Homer Lisa story which are always some of my favorites.

If you haven’t watched The Simpsons in a while check this one out.  It is dazzling. (And the 550th episode!)

To read about a bunch of easter eggs in the episode https://tv.yahoo.com/blogs/tv-news/29-things-you-may-have-missed-in-the–simpsons–lego-episode-005659024.html

Monday- Big event of the night was the revival of 24!

24: Live Another Day- I’d put any episode of 24 up with any action movie that comes out in theaters.  The protagonist Jack Bauer is so tough and macho but is still likable.  All the performances surrounding Jack are always stellar and the pacing is perfect.

If you don’t know 24 is told in real time so one hour on the show is one hour for the characters.  24 episodes= 1 day for Jack.  This is slightly different because we are getting 12 episodes so some will cover more than the one hour and some hours will be skipped.

At the end of each segment before commercials we get the ticking clock letting us know where Jack is in the day and it creates a tension to the story that works so well.

This season they of course have Kiefer Sutherland as Jack,  Mary Lynn Rajskub as a darker more cynical Chloe O’brien, Kim Ravier, William Devane, Tate Donavan, Benjamin Bratt and Michelle Fairley all gave subtle and interesting performances in the first double episode and there are many more I could list.

Basically the story behind this season is that Jack discovers a plot to kill President Heller, who is a friend and the father of Audrey Raines his love.  He is a fugitive because of misunderstandings at the end of season 8 so the CIA is hunting Bauer down.  The President is in London trying to get a drone treaty signed and at the same time a drone has killed British soldiers in Afghanistan.

There’s a lot more but that’s enough to give you an idea.  Seriously, check it out.  I would be stunned if you aren’t entertained.  I know Comcast is offering the 1st episode of every season of 24 as a free download so see if you like it.

Monday- We also had Dancing with the Stars.

This season Amy Purdy a paralympian has been very inspiring.  I can’t dance and I have 2 legs (and I’m not just being modest. I am a terrible dancer).  She does amazing things with no legs.  Take a look.  It is one of the strongest casts they’ve had in years but Amy is stunning.

Tuesday- Goldbergs

In celebration of Star Wars day my favorite family from the 80s celebrated the release of Return of the Jedi.  It was a sweet and funny episode with a Erica and Adam going to the Jedi premiere and Barry enters the wrestling team much to the chagrin of his mother.

If you aren’t watching this show, start.  It’s very funny.

I wish I could find a clip.

GoldbergsStarWars2Tuesday- Mindy Project


I was pretty mad at this show a few weeks ago when they had Danny and Mindy get together and then break up 2 episodes later.  The season finale was on Tuesday and it was perfect.  I seriously have watched the ending like 50 times.  It’s kind of embarrassing.

Mindy Kaling is a lover of romantic comedies like me and there were so many homages to the greats throughout the episode and it was sweet, funny and incredibly satisfying.  The entire office got involved in the romance and like I said the ending was perfect.  I almost hate for there to be a season 3 because it ended so well.

Mindy-Project-season-2-finaleWednesday- Survivor Cagayan

Spoiler **********************************

This is the first season of Survivor in many years that hasn’t had some returning players, and thank goodness for that!  Plus, we don’t have the tedium of Redemption Island, which takes a lot of the drama out of tribal council.

They did an excellent job casting for this season.  The theme has been chaos which has been very entertaining and unpredictable.  We are down to the final 5 and we have 2 players that are extremely captivating.  Tony and Spencer.  Tony is spastic, paranoid but smart. He also is one of the most entertaining Survivors in a long time.  He’s running all over the place and constructing spy shacks to hear what others are saying.

Spencer is my favorite.  He’s smart and has been on the outside of alliances the entire game and yet he remains in the final 5.  Pretty great.  Go Spencer!  Each episode I don’t know who is going home which is so fun. Wednesday we lost the awesome Tasha.

survivor-cagayan-top-six-CBSWednesday- The Middle

This great sitcom still pushing through and will get it’s 6th season next year.  The writing is great and the child actors are fabulous.  It is very similar to the Goldbergs but not quite as manic.

Wednesday’s episode was called Office Hours and Darrin and Sue are dating which makes Mike uncomfortable.  In the meantime, Frankie can’t remember anything in her life and she’s convinced it is stress.  She decides to set up office hours for the kids and see’s an increase in her memory immediately.

This made me laugh because I remember my Mother trying to do office hours once when I was in high school and I was so offended.  I wonder if her memory was failing.

JOHN GAMMON, EDEN SHERThursday- Big Bang Theory


Penny gets fired from her ape movie and it makes her reevaluate her desires to be famous.  She realizes what she wants is to be with Leonard and  at the end they get engaged.  Very epic.  We’ve been waiting for that for 7 years and it was a little underwhelming but given the characters it worked.

There was also some hints of Howard and Bernadette and getting ready for a baby. I wouldn’t be surprised if the season finale has them giving some news.  It was a satisfying if not particularly funny episode.

The Anything Can Happen Recurrence

Big Brother Canada-

Spoiler **********************************

We had the finale for Big Brother Canada.  It has been a great season up North with strong alliances, players added later in the game and HOAs that tested the individuals.  Everyone thought that Neda was going to win.  She had played so well engineering almost every big move but Jon was smart enough to get rid of her at the final 3 and when compared to the goat Sabrina he won 6-1 jury votes.


So that was a pretty great week of entertainment.  Did you watch any of it?  Thank goodness for DVR because you can watch two things airing at the same time and fast forward ads.

What did I miss?  I know a lot of people are really into Game of Thrones but it is too violent for me, or so I am warned.  What do you guys like?





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