Chesapeake Shores Season 2 Review

Today marked the finale of the Hallmark series Chesapeake Shores. I reviewed the first season here. Amber and I are going to be reviewing both seasons on our podcast on Tuesday so you will want to tune in. We have a new youtube channel and other social media.

The easiest way to talk about Chesapeake Shores is to go over the various couples or relationships. The Mom, Megan, and Grandma, Nell, kind of float in and out of stories with small tasks and advice but the rest have another person they are working with through the season.

Mick (Dad of family) and Thomas- brothers who are fighting over land that Mick wants to build on and a family trust. Thomas is an environmental lawyer who opposes this for vague reasons. He hires Connor to work with him after he quits his job. Mostly this plot is very boring

Trace and Abby- this is the key relationship of the series and mostly it works well. I love both Meghan Ory and Jesse Metcalfe so that helps and they have good chemistry together. Trace has been struggling with the label to release his band with all the members and how going on tour will impact their relationship. There are sweet moments and some good songs. The end of the season was underwhelming but like I said it’s good because of the chemistry. Although you think dating a musician them going on tour would be encouraged and certainly not a surprise.

Bree and Simon-

Bree now owns a bookstore where various shenanigans take place through the season including a romance with a british author named Simon. They are pretty good but the fact she is upset about him literally getting her book published is the stupidest thing ever. What’s with this family being upset at getting loans and books published and other amazing stuff?

Jess and David-

This was probably the cutest couple of the show this season. Carlo Marks and Laci Mailey have great chemistry together and they get some good kisses in and romantic situations. However, the reveal that he is from a rich Boston family seems strange when hello- everyone on this show is rich!! And yet she is mad at him for covering a 10k mistake she made because she wants him to be more honest. Ridiculous but I still enjoy them.

Kevin and Sarah

Sarah is a fire fighter who is still broken up by the loss of her husband and doesn’t dare date Kevin and yet that is what they basically do in season 2. They are all right but not a favorite of mine. Kevin says he wants to become a paramedic but this seems silly when you have the opportunity to do more good as a doctor. I guess that is allowing people to tell him how to live his life. Heaven forbid you can have a Standford Medical education paid for. What a burden! LOL. That said I love Brendan Penny. He’s very charming and Jessica Sipos as Sarah is ok. I won’t mind seeing them together for another season.

Conner and his job-

The last member of the family isn’t in a relationship but he had some good arcs- Connor played by Andrew Francis. He gets a big corporate job and the longer he is there the more he realizes it is not for him. He decides to quit and ends up working for his uncle. It may be an elitist thing to quit a job like that but I can relate and I only wish I had quit the job I hated sooner like Connor did. I hope they give Connor more of a relationship in Season 3.

So there you have it. Overall, the season played out in a very predictable manner but it was pleasant and fun to watch. If you liked shows like Seventh Heaven or 90210 you will enjoy this. The plots can be full of first world problems and not everything works but enough does that I enjoyed it. I like the cast and chemistry of the various couples. It’s meloramatic and silly, which I like. Next season I could stand even more melodrama because there are some boring segments. Trace and his band can only be exciting for so long.

Also things like being mad someone who published your book is just too stupid. It makes Bree unlikable for being so ungrateful. I hope they work on some of those elements but I still enjoyed the show. It’s well made fluff that I like. I certainly like it much better than When Calls the Heart (shocking I know!)

What did you think of Chesapeake Shores season 2? Put in the comments section!


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