A Little Cleaning Help

I have a confession.  I need help.  I can’t do it all myself. Do what, you ask?

Cleaning. I am not the greatest cleaner in the world.  I’ve never been very detail oriented and the task of cleaning an entire house is very overwhelming.

Here’s the secret- for the last 2-3 years I’ve had my house cleaned once a month and I am telling you it is the best decision I have made.

It all started because we work with cleaners for my Dad’s rentals and they offered me a deal to clean my place.  It felt kind of silly for a single girl like me to need cleaners.  After all, my friends dealt with cleaning up after kids and didn’t need help?  But it was a good deal so I figured why not?

They came once before book club and I was hooked.  Everything looked so wonderful- better than I could or would do on my own.

Additionally, they were able to get projects done that I would never have time for- edges on carpet, dusting, spare bathroom etc.  It’s so fabulous!

I only have so much time and energy and with my fibro cleaning is actually very draining.  My muscles will be so sore after an hour or so of cleaning.

I realize that not everyone is in the position to have cleaners come but even if it was just once a quarter it would be worth it.

There is some deep cleaning that is so hard to get done and honestly having the house cleaned keeps my roommate from wanting to kill me (I’m a little messy!), so that’s a win.

If you look on groupon and living social there are often deals on cleaners and if you work with someone regularly they will usually give you a better rate.

I don’t want this to seem like I am boasting because I’m not.  I’m very fortunate to have the ability to have cleaners but it is also probably less outside others abilities than they think.  That’s why I bring it up.  It’s a major stress release and makes me very happy.

One time I went on vacation and had the cleaners come while I was gone, so I arrived to a clean house with a made bed.  That was brilliant.

All I am saying is it makes me very happy and is a little luxury that if you can afford go for it.  It’s well worth the money to me.

For my Utah friends, the girls I use are fabulous- Clean Green Bliss

They are very thorough, respectful and friendly.  Plus it is the same 2 women every time which is unusual.  Plus, they use all natural cleaning products which is great.  They will give you a discount on your first cleaning so go for it.



Anyway, I highly recommend them to clean your house. If in the area give them a call.

cleaning bliss

My house is cleaned and fresh.  It’s a Friday.  Tomorrow is book club.  I have a vacation coming and then a new job.  Life is good!

I really am the smilingldsgirl today.




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