Must See Movies of 80s, 90s, 00s and Now

With the start of the new year one of my favorite things to do is listen to film criticism best and worst of the year.  Since I don’t see most of the movies they are talking about I find it entertaining to see what the critics say- especially the ‘worst of’ list because a good critic can be hilarious when he or she is hating on a movie.  Plus, it let’s me know what movies to skip.  I figure if a movie makes it on a couple of the worst lists of critics I respect than I’ll pass.

Anyway as I was watching various youtube best and worst of lists one of them was talking about how his list is the movies that he wanted to see again, most. Not necessarily the most well made, well acted or whatever.  He seemed to ask the question- what movie wowed you and became a part of your life?

It made me think of movies I love to rewatch and  then my next question was out of different era’s what movie do I rewatch the most? What movies do I hate and wouldn’t see again unless strapped to a chair against my will? Anyway, this is what I came up with and remember these aren’t necessarily the best movies, just one’s that I like to watch again and again.


When Harry Met Sally

The Little Mermaid


Princess Bride

Better Off Dead

Back to the Future

Christmas Story

Raiders of the Lost Arc and Empire  Strikes Back (I actually don’t rewatch these often but I went through phases where I did and they are certainly must see’s for basically everyone)

Some Kind of Wonderful

American Tail


Princess Mononoke

Beauty and the Beast


Bugs Life

The Kid

Little Women

Sense and Sensibility and Emma and 1996 Pride and Prejudice

Lion King

Home Alone (I watch this most Christmas seasons but I put it on here because it’s the first movie I remember really laughing at)

Truman Show

Toy Story

Howard’s End

The Fugitive

Sleepless in Seattle

Much Ado About Nothing

You’ve Got Mail

Office Space

Before Sunrise

2000’s (I was gone on mission from 2003-2005 so movies from that era are basically gone)

Slumdog Millionaire


Bridget Jones Diary

Devil Wears Prada

Sweet Home Alabama

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Best in Show

Before Sunset

Godsford Park

Stranger than Fiction

Legally Blonde

Napoleon Dynamite


Spirited Away

Return to Me

Lord of Rings (another one I don’t really rewatch but must see’s)

Harry Potter movies

Where the Wild Things Are

Blind Side


About a Boy

Pride and Prejudice



Silver Linings Playbook


Toy Story 2 and 3

Kings Speech

Midnight in Paris

The Help

Les Miserables

Perks of Being a Wallflower




Pitch Perfect


I’m sure there are one’s I am leaving out.  Which one’s are ‘must see’s’ for you?

Worst Movies- Armageddon, Contact, Film Socialisme, Superstar, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Goodwill Hunting, What Happens in Vegas, Failure to Launch, Rent, Pearl Harbor, All Dr. Seuss movies, Ace Ventura movies, Charlie’s Angels movies,  The Lake House, 27 Dresses, Bounce, Fool’s Gold, Jungle2Jungle, An Inconvenient Truth, Hunchback of Notre Dame,  Message in a Bottle, 2nd Pirates movie,  Beaches, Four Christmases, Ghost of Girlfriend’s Past, The Awful Truth, Tim Burton movies (I’m so over him).

Which movies were real stinkers for you?


5 thoughts on “Must See Movies of 80s, 90s, 00s and Now

  1. 1996 That Thing You Do! – Probably one of my top three movies of all time. Recently got the bluray extended version, absolutely brilliant.

    1993 Tombstone – if Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday doesn’t make you want to practice your quick draw, you don’t have a heart beat. “I’m your huckleberry”

    Then there is the epic trilogy that I only get to watch when my wife is away: Braveheart, Gladiator and Patriot. No better movie line than when William Wallace says: “Every man dies, not every man really lives.”

      1. If you are not a fan of westerns, neither am I, Tombstone is still a good movie.

        Thanks for the list, it brought back memories of good movies and made me think about watching some again.

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