Month: July 2017

One Sentence Summer Movie Reviews

Over on my movie blog I have been chirping away reviewing movies with long-form essay reviews. When I was thinking of what to write about here it occurred to me you all might like to know my general thoughts as well. So I decided to go over all the new releases I’ve seen May-July and give a one sentence review of my thoughts. Of course longer reviews can be found at and I will put a big R next to the R rated releases so you know if that bothers you
I don’t see every movie. Nobody does but I have seen quite a few so here goes:
Wonder Woman- standard superhero plot but with an emotional journey for the lead character that dazzled me 👍
The Big Sick- hilarious true life story of love, sickness, family and religion. R👍
Personal Shopper- beautifully executed film with layers- part horror, tragedy, drama and best use of text messaging in film. R👍
War for the Planet of the Apes- epic and brutal prison film but in the end heroic ending for our heroes.👍
Dunkirk- reenactment more than a narrative but makes you feel like you are in the battle👍
Baahubali 2: the Conclusion- a jumbled insane mixture of song, dance, battle and fun👍
Captain Underpants- Cleverly mixes animation mediums, nice heart between 2 friends and some good laughs👍
Cars 3- it’s a cars movie but very well written with surprisingly touching message about society setting limits on us which we accept👍
Valerian- visual spectacle and fun ride through the galaxy👍
Everything Everything- touching teen drama executed well with great chemistry between the leads👍
Baby Driver- hyper-kinetic fun film with great music and chase scenes R👍
47 Meters Down- sharks under water are just as much fun as you can imagine- a blast!👍
Spider-man Homecoming- high school comedy and superhero meet up to an enjoyable mixture👍
My Cousin Rachel- Rachel is great and it is well made but lead male is so dumb👎
The Beguiled- pretty and very well executed but lacks tension of original R👎
Everybody Loves Somebody- unique bilingual romcom that doesn’t reinvent the wheel but is enjoyable👍
Wilson- very profane but has a sweetness to it that you can enjoy R👍
Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales- enjoyable romp with the pirates we know and love👍
The Hero- Great lead performance with a dull romance R👎
Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2- some nice visuals and moments but hurt by breaking the team dynamic which made characters a little annoying👎
The Mummy- some nice action set pieces but a pretty bland effort👎
Despicable Me 3- made me laugh a few times but a pretty poorly written plot👎
Band Aid- very little music and mostly lots of arguing and who wants to watch that for 2 hours? R👎
Diary of a Wimpy Kid- the Long Haul- strange mixture of adult and child humor that wears thin after a while👎
Sandy Wexler- much better than Sandler’s previous Netflix films but still bad👎
Lady Macbeth- characters with no chemistry make insane choices in this period dud R👎
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword- throwing a lot of stuff at the screen does not a compelling epic make👎
The Circle- uses a lot of buzz words but is surprisingly stupid👎
Gifted- good intensions by all but I was not buying what they were selling👎
Transformers 5- made me nauseated with the editing and story👎


Capitol Reef Family July 4th Weekend

Hey guys! Happy 4th of July! I hope you all had a pleasant holiday weekend. I ended up having a fun time with my family at one of Utah’s lesser known national parks called Capitol Reef National Park.

For many years my Dad has loved going down to Central Utah to ride his dirt bike motorcycles and ATVs with his friends over the rough terrain. Last year he bought a property for camping and such that he deemed as ‘Adventure Acres’. He loves going down there and getting away from the stresses of life which I can certainly appreciate.

That said, it’s never had much appeal to me because there is no lake, beach or river to swim in and I’m not interested in motorcycles or ATVs at all. I also don’t like to camp if it can be helped and red rock scenery is pretty but not my favorite.

Nevertheless, almost my entire family including all 5 of my nieces were going down to Adventure Acres for the 4th weekend so I decided to finally check it out. It’s still not my cup of tea but I had a good time spending time with my family.

The only frustrating part of the weekend for me was dealing with the slow internet connection at the hotel because my friend Jonathan and I recorded our podcast on the Doctor Who finale and it took 2 days to upload! You certainly do become grateful for high speed internet when you are away from it. That’s for sure!

Capitol Reef is not as splashy as Grand Canyon or Bryce with it all feeling like a small town but it still is beautiful and a lot of fun to visit especially if you are in to hiking and motorcycle dirt biking. I just enjoyed hanging out with my nieces and spending as much time with them as possible since they live in Portland, Oregon and the DC area and I don’t get to see them very much.

Anyway, we ended up having a good time together and I particularly loved spending time with my nieces. Here are some photos of the trip with commentary:

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