Favorite Olympic Moments

So you all probably remember that I love the Olympics.  I love the pageantry, the message of nations coming together and the intensity of a 1 in 4 year shot to win.  There is nothing like it!

When I was a little a girl my parents would go spats of 2 years or more without TV and then the Olympics would come (they used to be only every 4 years for both winter and summer) and I would beg my parents to get TV so I could watch the Olympics.  I love both the summer and winter.

Of course the highlight of my Olympic fervor was in 2002, which was a great year for me all around because I’d had such a tough 2001 and I graduated from  BYU (where does the time go!).

The Olympics was really a dream come true for me and I went to as many events as I could and spent as much time downtown watching the events on a big screen they had outside the arenas.  All and all I saw several cross country races, ice dancing, hockey matches and it was so great!  I’ve been thinking about going to Rio to experience a summer games but we’ll see how finances are in 2016 but that would be a blast.

There were some great moments at the 2002 games.  The opening ceremonies was like a love song to the culture I grew up in.  So many I knew were participating and volunteering.  I’ll never forget when Sarah Hughes won the gold.  My friends and I cheered and then booed when the Canadian pair didn’t win the gold (a later scandal would eventually give them a gold medal).

Apollo Ohno was the big stars of those games and I was watching outside for a number of his races including the one in this video.

The great thing about Apollo is he has said repeatedly that anytime he gets on the podium it is an honor and something to be proud of.  He always has a big smile on his face and yet he is as competitive as someone could be.  I will miss him at these games but it will be fun to hear him as a broadcaster.

Anyway, he is one of my favorites.  Team USA on their youtube channel has been posting videos of gold medal moments and there are lots of good one’s but here are some of my favorite:

There are so many more I could pick!  What are some of your favorite Olympic moments?


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