Day: February 18, 2014

Resume of Life

So I try to constantly keep my resume up to date.  You just never know what will happen and I like to be prepared.  Plus, I’ve had moments in my current employment where it has come in handy for a project or two to show my skillset.


I was looking at it today and I hadn’t done so in about a year and lots has happened.  I changed jobs last year from Grabber to Poler and changed my references around, updated addresses etc.

Anyway, as I was looking at it I realized my whole adult life is on this 2 page sheet. How weird is that?  You can summarize a life in 2 page outline.

Sometimes this makes me sad because I thought the list would be more grand by 33 but this is it and yet, it is pretty great too.  And yet someone may look at this and think ‘hmmm…not enough, or not the right stuff’.  I know over-thinking it but it really is weird.

There’s a lot of learning, experiences, friendships and faith hidden in this list of my life . There was some heartache and deep wounds inside a sentence or two.  It looks like an ordinary event but I know what it meant.

It is the Resume of my Life….What would your’s say?   It is meant to qualify me for something but I’m not sure that it does or what that is?  What is all this meant to open a door to the next event on the list? Who knows!

Anyway, it’s just kind of strange moment to see it all out there on 2 pages  the story of a life, my life. I hope I have done enough, experienced enough, lived enough?  I guess it is done so nothing I can change about it now!  Still, it’s my life…

This is my life on 2 pages.  Whoa….but then again it’s pretty great too.  In a way you could say it’s the story of my life…

And yes, I like One Direction so kill me!