Life’s Been a Little Crazy

Hey guys!  I never want it to feel like I am neglecting my first love, this blog.  Things have just been a little crazy lately so my apologies.  Beginning of the year is always intense at work and with my birthday and the many social media projects I have going on it’s intense.

Let me tell you about some of my projects-


Currently I am doing a weekly column for on Family Movie Night.   This requires my filming, editing and preparing a video each week and writing a 700+ word column on the film.

I have just been added a writer for which I am very excited about.  If you haven’t heard of it it’s a website all about animation.  I’m not sure how much I will be doing for them but here’s a couple pieces:

My review of the Sundance film I saw Snowtime (I would love if a few of you commented on this piece)

I do top 10 lists for them.  Here are my Top 10 Animated Moments to be Grateful for

I’m really excited for both opportunities and will have to be careful to not spread myself too thin.


Then there is my movie blog, which I do reviews, editorials and cover anything I want to involving movies.  If you don’t follow it for some reason I think you will really enjoy it.

Here’s a post I did comparing Tangled and Frozen.

And here is my review of the Oscar nominated film The Revenant


Then I have my youtube channel.  I do subscription box and movie reviews.  On a typical week I will have at least a video posted every day and I’m really proud of the improvements I’ve made.  I’m getting better at editing, speaking, shooting and all the other aspects of making videos.  The creative process is so stimulating.

I currently have a number of series that I have on the channel like reviewing the Disney Canon each week.  This is posted on Wednesday and last week we looked at Bambi:

Sometimes I give my review of current movies like here is my thoughts on the Coen Brother’s recent Hail Caesar:

I also have top 10 lists and other commentary on my channel. Here’s my thoughts on why I won’t be seeing the new Deadpool movie and a little bit to my method for deciding what to see.

For the box reviews I have to photograph every item and edit the images into the video.  Here’s a review I did of Graze box I posted today.

I also do the Friday 5 which is all about music and this week it was about Michael Buble

None of the videos are perfect but they are improving and I’m proud of that and I simply find the creative process to be very inspiring!


Anyway, back to this blog.  I started the Teaser Tuesday series where I give you a sentence or two of the latest book I am reading.  I didn’t get much response.  Do you guys like that series?  Do you like seeing what I am reading?  I also had been sharing the Friday Five with you guys but never got a ton of feedback on it.  Do you like seeing those posts about my favorite music?

I’ve still been doing my usual editorials and commentaries but I would like to have a few series for this blog that become regular.  That way I won’t let it go too long.  I could do recipes or share with you product reviews from the boxes?  What would you like?

I plan on doing a personal post this week about Valentines Day as well as posting my annual valentine but I would always like to do more.  I gain a lot from this blog as an outlet as well and have no desire to give it the short end of the stick.

Thank you in advance for the feedback, and thanks for being understanding if I go a few days without a post.  I haven’t forgotten this blog!  Just check all my other content and I bet I will have posted that day.  That said, I am going to try and do better on this blog as well because I really do love it.


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