Day: February 26, 2016

A Bad Week

bad day3In the grand scheme of things there are probably a lot of people having worse weeks than I’ve had.  That said, it’s been a bit rough.

Monday it all started with a bit of a stomach ache and a headache that would last me a good 3 days.  The headache was so bad I kept rubbing the top of my head to the point where it is now chapped and red like a carpet burn.

20160226_092445.jpgThen later on Monday I started to get really nauseated.  I finally couldn’t keep any food down and was just miserable all day into Tuesday.  Thankfully my visiting teacher brought me some crackers and gatorade for Tuesday but it was a rough day.  Plus, I had to miss going to a play at Hale Theater with my family.

Not to get too graphic but while I was sick things got even worse when retching I pulled a muscle in my back which is quite painful.  Luckily by that point the headache had mostly gone away.

While all this was happening I still had work to do and things to take care of.  Fortunately I film all my videos (for the most part) on Friday and Saturday so this week was all set, but I had other tasks that needed to be done.  The worst of it is I have employee review on Monday.  Not exactly my best week to proceed a review, but my boss and coworkers are so understanding and kind it won’t be a problem. Still, not perfect work week.

Anyway, yesterday I did get a break from the tough week and suffered the back pain to watch Eddie the Eagle.  This was the perfect movie to watch after a tough week.  It’s like Rudy or Cool Runnings- an underdog sports story that makes you want to cheer.  I will write a review later on today and will post a link but it made me really happy. I needed that!

bad weekDo you have those bad weeks?  Of course you do.  We all do.  It’s part of life and happens from time to time.  Thankfully there is always tons to be grateful for and moments where life gives us a break.

I certainly hope you had a better week than I did.  Here’s to much better weeks in the future!

Here’s my youtube review of Eddie the Eagle