Perfect Christmas

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Both of my Christmas Trees
Both of my Christmas Trees

So I don’t know if you can knock on wood via a blog but if I could, I’d knock.  This has been such a great Christmas season that I’m afraid it is all going to explode and suck but I’ve got a week left and that doesn’t seem likely.  I suppose part of it is that last year’s Christmas was pretty rough and stressful living out of boxes and being alone that it set the bar for a great Christmas pretty low.

Even so look at all I’ve done (and I still have a week of Christmas left!):

Gone to BYU Christmas choir concert

Put up 2 Christmas trees including my memory tree and first live tree

Attended Christmas dance with friends

Made fudge and watched- Elf, White Christmas, Muppet Christmas Carol, Charlie Brown Christmas, Christmas Vacation

Gone to Christmas Carol at Hale Theater

My family is here so I don’t have to fly!!!!

gotten all my shopping done and gifts wrapped ( I think I scored this year!)

Performed at Christmas Recital

Went to Tabernacle Choir concert and saw the lights at Temple Square

Put lights on the front of my house

Done anonymous act of service (yes even from this blog!)

and still worked very hard and a week left to enjoy the holidays (tomorrow I am going to the messiah sing in!)

I guess this year I like a pretty busy Christmas.  Not every year but I really haven’t hit overkill.  I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve done (except for when the tree fell on me!).

How have all of your Christmas time been going?  Is this one a good one, hard one or average?  It’s Ok to admit if it is a bit of a downer.  I’ve been there.  There is nothing worse than feigning happiness when you feel depressed, so if you need to vent I get it.

But thankfully this year is going great and I’ve been very blessed.

What traditions are your ‘must have’s’ for the holidays?  I’ve noticed that holiday food varries a ton depending on family.  My family makes a german meal for Christmas Eve and then goes lighter on Christmas but I’ve talked to people who make fajitas, breakfast for dinner, pizza, traditional turkey dinner.  What are your food traditions?  What makes a perfect Christmas for you?

Please share your comments.  I’d love to hear what you are all doing.

I will continue to keep you posted as the holidays continue.  Merry Christmas!!

2 thoughts on “Perfect Christmas

  1. I understand that, in part, we’re dealing with what a doctor once described to me as “brain soup seasoning” issues, and as a nurse, I am firmly convinced that the pain of states like anxiety or seasonal affective disorder are as real as that of a physical injury. But as a fellow-sufferer, I also have to ask, “Why borrow trouble?” The “Christmas holidays” are just dates on a calendar, and throughout my adult life, I have never got hung up on what happens on a particular day of the year. This is probably because my mother found it easier to schedule entertaining for things like birthdays and holidays on weekends, and also because most of the employment I’ve had outside the home has been in the military and in health care, which have missions that must be accomplished no matter what the date. For me, “holidays,” like my concept of “home,” have to do with people, rather than with specific times or places or other “traditions.” So, I don’t worry about “perfect.” The only “must have” is my family. I can make do when it comes to the rest.

  2. Very true but it is nice when you have those rare perfect moments or seasons. Not that they are truly perfect but they are as close a time as you get. I think it is partly because it is my first Christmas in my own home and I don’t have to travel. Just makes it special.

    Today I was listening to npr and they were talking about mental health and panic attacks and they kept trying to explain them (frazzled lives, busy schedules, underapreciated people) but I wanted to call in and say at least for me none of those explanations matter. I could have it all and still have an overwhelming feeling of panic and anxiety. And then other moments my brain gives me a breather. Strange really but it makes me very grateful for the seasons I’m having.

    I used to wonder how anyone could get to a point where they wanted to hurt themselves and I never did but I remember in my first panic attack feeling like I would do anything to make that go away. I’ll never forget that feeling. It was like I was going to explode inside.

    I know you understand and are equally grateful for the periods of calm in life. That’s my greatest gift this Christmas.

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