Peach Dish

I only have a second because I am working but my last box to try came.  Its called Peach Dish.  Its a meal service where you get delivered all the ingredients for a 4 course meal for 2 in the mail.  You can do it on a weekly basis for $20 or individually for $24.  They include all the recipes and everything is healthy and organic/grass fed (even the meat comes with it)

You can also buy grass fed beef and produce in bulk at very reasonable prices from the site.

peach dishI think this is a particularly smart idea if you are like me, single and cooking for 1, or married cooking for 2.  How easy to have everything ready to go? You just have to add oil, salt and pepper!

What do you guys think?  I will be posting a review of my favorite boxes later tonight.  What have looked the most interesting to you?  Which one’s would you subscribe to?  Thanks to all who let me try out there boxes for review at free or discounted prices.  It has been super fun.

Here’s my meal (posted later in the evening)

peach dish2


2 thoughts on “Peach Dish

  1. I would normally not spend $20 making a meal for just two people, but here’s what I love about this concept: First, it allows you to try new foods and recipes without all of thday!ork of tracking down recipes for each course and all of the food to go with it. Second, it would help cut down on food waste. I’m sure everybody has seen the statistic that we throw away 40% of our food in this country. Even if you did track down all of the ingredients for this, you’d have to buy larger quantities than you really need for most items, and a large portion of the excess would end up spoiling and being tossed out.

    I don’t think I’d do this regularly since I usually feed at least 3 people, but it would be fun to try for a date in, or for a special occasion like anniversary or valentine’s day

  2. Thanks for your comment. I agree. I don’t think I could afford it every week but I was thinking it is only $4 more than bountiful baskets and you get full meals including meat. Hmmm. That’s a good point about not buying bottles and jars for something you need for a particular amount. I must admit they were missing a couple of items from the recipes which was a downer but I thought everything was good.
    Plus, they gave me a new idea. I never heard of mango and tomato salad. I added taragon and basil and it was really good. (they didn’t have the white wine vinegar or the shallot so I used balsamic and no onion).
    You can order them by the box for $25 and it comes in around 2 days so I agree it would be really fun for a date or maybe when you are having a sitter. I did have leftovers and for someone who eats out a lot it is healthier than fast food. I really do eat out a lot more than I should.
    It was my first time trying grass fed beef and I must say it was pretty good. I added some peach jam to the sauce because it was too soy-saucey for me but its fun to put your own take on things. The dessert was a bit of a letdown- crackers and nutella.
    Still, interesting concept and something I will definitely try again but a weekly subscription is probably a bit much.

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