So the recital has come and gone and luckily I was able to get through it.  In fact, I felt good today so I’m not sure what happened yesterday.  Naturally I was nervous for the recital but I went out there and did my best.  One of the things I seem to excel at is the acting.  Its funny because the rehearsals are usually  mediocre but there is something about being on the stage that brings out my best performance every time.  I think it helped that I had worked hard on my Brooklyn voice and had my hair big and puffy Brooklyn style (plus I had a robe, book and tissues to pull off the complete look!).

My teacher said it was the best I’ve ever sang it, and I agree.  There are some mistakes but still it felt great!  The audience laughed and I got lots of positive feedback.  I’m not sure if this video shows the acting well enough but hopefully you will get an idea.  It was a thrilling moment- one of those times when the 15 year old me is bursting with pride.  I have always wanted to be a singer so these rehearsals are particularly exhilarating for me. It’s hard to explain but it means so much.  Thanks everyone for all your support (and please be kind in your critiques!)!


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