23 lbs

23 lbs of lard. This was all in me! Crazy!

So today I found out that I have lost 23 lbs since I started exercising at the beginning of March.  I am now at 290 lbs- having started at 313. I went to the grocery store and took pictures of what 23 lbs looks like.  It is shocking! Just thought I would share this with all of you. Particularly seeing the lard makes me want to try extra hard to get rid of the rest.   It’s just hard to believe all of it was inside me! Amazing!  Thanks for all the support.


9 thoughts on “23 lbs

  1. Keep going Girl…you are amazing and impressive. Thanks for showing the “lard” pictures. That really put things in perspective for me.


  2. Rachy, that’s awesome! I didn’t realize you’d lost so much! I think you should keep doing these photos as you continue to lose weight–then when you finish you can combine them all and see your total weight loss! You’re doing so great!

    1. Thanks. That’s not a bad idea. Combining photos will work better than piling up more and more. When I am able to lose the 100 lbs that would take up the whole aisle!

  3. Good for you! Awesome! Congratulations! Keep up the updates; I’m sure that the accountability of tracking and reporting on your progress really helps. You are determined and you are doing well!

    1. Thanks. The accountability helps a lot. Plus all the support I get from my friends, family and the blogging community gets me through the hard days.

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