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Hawaii Photos

Well friends I am having a great time here on Oahu!  Today was the best day so far.  In the morning my roommates went to hike Diamondhead which is a giant crater and a bit beyond my exercise stamina, so instead I went to the beach close to the house.  It was fantastic!  (And yes I went by myself which I have no problem doing at all.  I live alone for goodness sakes so why would I have issues going to the beach alone yet some people seem shocked by this behavior?)

The waves were the perfect strength and I swam until my arms ached and then I read and soaked up sun.  (One of the many great things about swimming in the ocean is you can swim forever and hardly move a meter!  Its like a giant endless swimming pool!) When the girls got home we went to the Hawaii temple and did a session which was peaceful and thought-provoking as usual.  When we got home we ate a delicious healthy dinner and had ice cream while watching 500 Days of Summer– one of my favorites.

It really might be the best day of my life.  Aside from getting caught in a dozy of a rain storm it was practically perfect in every way.  (The rain and clouds actually kept it cooler than normal and so it had its positive side!).

I think  my body likes Hawaii.  Since I got here my blood sugar levels have been better than ever.  Today it was down to 75 and I felt great!  That is the lowest it has ever been since I started testing in February.  Amazing.

It all makes me wonder if I will ever have the guts to really move here.  If it wasn’t so far away from family and my job I’d move here in a second but those are big factors…I would love it though.  I know people say ‘Its not the same to live where you vacation’ and I get that but I am convinced I would love it.  Just the continual sun would do me good.  Hmmm…I can fantasize and maybe someday I will do it?  Maybe once I get healthy I’ll be ready to conquer new challenges and places?  We will see.

Anyway, I am having a great trip and am very happy.  Here are a few photos of the vacation so far!  Enjoy! (I know its tedious to look at other people’s vacation photos but if people can post a million photos of their kids on blogs, I can post a few of my vacation! 🙂

I will keep updating throughout the trip.  Take care! (Btw I did go with people!  All these photos just happen to be of only me!)

Love this photo

In front of the Dole plantation

Today at the beach
There were 8 sea turtles at the beach by the house. The most I've ever seen!
pretty sailboat picture I took today. I am trying to learn more about photography bc everyone else in my family is great.
the Hawaii temple
A rainbow connection

Hawaii video blog

These are my video diary entries from my trip.  I hope you enjoy them.  I might do this everytime I travel now that I have a new camera.  I was thinking of calling it the Big Girl Travel Blog? What do you think?  I have been looking for away  to make money while traveling- an internet travel website could be just the thing!!I’m kidding- kind of!