October Life and Theater Update

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a quick update on the amazing October I had.

The highlight of the month was my trip to New York City. It’s kind of crazy I’ve been to New York City 3 times in last calendar year. This trip was to attend the last half of the New York Film Festival, and I had an incredible time. Thanks to my friend Adriene for letting me stay at her apartment. It was an 8 day trip and she and her whole family couldn’t have been more accommodating and kind.

I saw 8 films at the festival which included panels with people like director James Grey, actress Anne Hathaway, Rooney Mara and Claire Foy so that was fun. The most interesting experience of the group was a 4.5 hour epic Trenque Lauquen by director Laura Citarella that is actually a charming love story even though it is a long sit. It was just a unique experience.

I also met up with lots of friends and saw 3 Broadway shows including Chicago (I know finally and it was great!), Almost Famous (a new show that I enjoyed despite it not having many memorable new songs), and Beetlejuice (had some of the most impressive production design I’ve ever seen on a Broadway show).

I saw 7 other live shows in October:

3 I reviewed for Utah Theater Bloggers Association:

Contemporary Voices: The Clean House

Contemporary Voices: Shakespeare in Love

RENT at the Ziegfeld

Then I saw 4 other shows

Shucked at Pioneer- this was billed as a Broadway tryout and it was super fun to see something new and original. The show is very funny and the talent was great. It seems a little small for current Broadway but who knows where it will go.

The Lion King at Eccles- speaking of current Broadway Disney’s The Lion King has been on the stage on Broadway since 1997. I’ve seen it in New York before but it was super fun to see it again. The strength of this show is the incredible puppetry that brings to life one of my favorite animated films in a new way. I had really bad seats but it was still fun.

The Fantasticks at PG Players- I have now seen The Fantasticks twice and am realizing it is not my favorite musical. The songs outside of Time to Remember aren’t great and the story is weird. I just don’t connect with it much.

Little Shop of Horrors at West Valley Performing Arts- This production was absolutely outstanding. Everything from the singing to the puppetry to the production design was immaculately done. I’m glad to see more are coming to this theater because it deserves to be sold out. This was every bit as good as the production on Broadway I saw in March.

So there you have it! That’s my October. I have been so busy on Hallmarkies Podcast getting previews ready and then covering the Christmas movie season. I’m super proud of all the content we make their including some very entertaining interviews. Check it out here.


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