[THEATER REVIEW] The 39 Steps (Hale Center Theater Orem)

With my trip to Texas starting last Friday I didn’t know if I could squeeze in another show but when I saw Hale Center Theater Orem was putting on The 39 Steps I just had to go see it. This is a hilarious take on the crime noir spy films. It is based on a novel which was made into a Hitchcock film but this is a comedic take on the story. It’s famous for being performed by 4 actors- 3 men and 1 woman who play over 150 characters.

I have actually seen The 39 Steps at the other Hale Center Theater. Here is a promo for that production to give you an idea of the show

What makes this show so fun is the incredibly fast set and costume changes. Sometimes a window will be moved around to stand for different parts of a house or a train. Other times a doorway will keep moving to show someone running despite the relative small space at Hale Orem.

All the photos are from the Hale Center Theater facebook page

The actors were also excellent with perfect comedic timing. The 4 for TTH I saw are Dallin Bradford, Alice Johnson, Jordan Nicholes and Anthony Le Roy Lovato with Eric Gourley bringing a lot to the show as the Foley Artist (almost like an old time radio effects man). They have great attention to detail like when they are hanging out of the train they ruffle each others raincoats to make it look like there is wind. I particularly liked Bradford as Richard Hannay. He is a very handsome charismatic performer.

I normally prefer musicals over plays but I’d go see The 39 Steps again. It was so funny. So well done that I was thoroughly entertained by it. I also appreciate this is an experience you could only have at the theater. They may be able to tell the story in other mediums but this precise experience requires the energy and adaptability of live performance. It’s cracking good fun! Go see it if you can!

9.5 out of 10

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