[THEATER REVIEW] ‘She Loves Me’ (PG Players)

One of my goals in this summer of theater is to check out playhouses I haven’t visited before. One such venue is the PG Players which host their shows at the Pleasant Grove City Library in Pleasant Grove Utah. This is a small venue with tickets at $15 for adults and $14 for students and seniors. I love the show She Loves Me (and You’ve Got Mail and Shop Around the Corner!). There’s just something so appealing about the idea of 2 people falling in love over letters!

She Loves Me is a musical with music by Jerry Bock and lyrics by Sheldon Harnick. Book by Joe Masteroff. It is based on The play Perfumerie which also is the basis for The Shop Around the Corner and then Good Old Summertime with Judy Garland and You’ve Got Mail with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

The story, if you aren’t aware, is about 2 people who work at a department store and dislike each other. All the while they are writing each other as secret pen pals and falling in love as they do it. It’s charming and the songs are very entertaining especially ‘Ice Cream’ and ‘She Loves Me’

The PG Players production did a very good job taking advantage of the small stage they having using a folding set that moved and adapted to different scenes. The costumes worked and the leads were not only talented but had great chemistry. It stars a real life couple Alex and Melinda DeBirk as Georg and Amalia respectively (which explains the chemistry).

For the most part all the technical aspects were well done and it was a very enjoyable night of theater. I love small intimate theaters. I also loved the community spirit of this production. The directors, Howard and Kathryn Little, have been producing for PG Players for many years and several of the castmates have been in multiple productions together. It honestly makes me want to participate in a show someday. Such fun!

I definitely will see future shws at the PG Players. It was a great show!

9 out of 10


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