[THEATER REVIEW] The Music Man (CenterPoint Legacy Theatre)

I don’t know about you guys but I love Meredith Wilson’s, The Music Man. It has for years been one of my favorite musicals. Of course, I love the classic film with Robert Preston and Shirley Jones but I also got to see the revival on Broadway in 2000 with Rebecca Luker and Craig Bierko. This was a very special trip with my Grandma and cousin Lisa who have both now passed away. My sister Anna was also in a production of The Music Man in high school playing Marion. I also just love the message of redemption and that there are no lost causes- even a con man selling bands in Iowa!

All that said, I absoloutely adored this production of The Music Man. It was darn near perfect. I saw the MWF show and Russell Maxwell channels Gene Kelly in his charming performance. He says in the program that he played Winthrop while his Dad played Harold Hill as a child. Now his daughter Bridget Maxwell plays Amaryllis in this production so it is all coming full circle. He throws himself head on to the challenging songs like Trouble and 76 Trombones. The choreography is also engaging and delightful.

Mailee Halpin does a wonderful job as Marion. My friend Camille, who does sound, said it is her last night of the show and that’s a shame because my parents would love it. I wish they could have heard her beautiful mezzo-soprano on songs like Till There Was You and Goodnight My Someone. Gorgeous. She also has great chemistry with Maxwell.

The sets, costumes, and rest of the production are all first rate. Again it’s hard to imagine it being done any better. Plus you get all of this for as low as $18. Great!

My only complaint is the theater was very warm and combined with wearing a mask it was challenging. They offered water during intermission but I was stuck in the middle of the row so I couldn’t get it without some inconvenience. If there is any way they could cool it down that would be very nice.

9 out of 10


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