Quick Life Update

Hi friends! I can’t believe it has been since April that I have updated this blog. I am so sorry! Time in this crazy quarantine world has felt like some kind of dream rather than real life with days and weeks going by. It has been really hard for me to be so lonely but it is getting better and I have been surprisingly busy with my podcasting and other work.

One thing I’m really proud of is I got to cover the reopening of the Megaplex theater at Thanksgiving Point. General Manager Emily Nye took the time to talk with me and go over all the many steps they are taking to ensure a safe environment. It’s probably the most challenging video I’ve ever done. Just the filming took 2 days and then the sound editing with all the echoey space was difficult but I learned a ton in doing it. It’s not perfect but I’m really proud of it.

Both of my podcasts Rachel’s Reviews and Hallmarkies Podcast have been putting out really good work over the last few months. I’m particularly proud of the interview I did with friend Dory Benford discussing #blacklivesmatter and the need for representation on Hallmark and all media. I think we are by far the most progressive in our coverage of all the Hallmark-related podcasts and I’m proud of that.

I also am doing much better with my health, which is a huge relief. I got put on 4 different medications and am still taking my blood pressure every day. Since the alarming rates of over 200sys in April they are much better and I feel much better. We are regularly under 120sys these days and working to continue to improve. Cutting back on my salt intake has made a big difference as well as the drugs. I’m certainly super thankful for good medical care.


As we moved into the yellow zone I’ve been able to get out more and spend time with family including my niece Sparrow who came for a visit. (We watched the new Looney Tunes together and it is brilliant!). I really miss going to church but am grateful for the Sunday Devotionals I’ve been able to do with my friend Chris. I’m super proud of each one and have found the whole experience very edifying:

So that’s basically been my life. Trying my best to be a good person. Getting used to wearing a mask around town and podcasting and writing a lot. Make sure you follow my movie blog for lots of reviews of content both streaming and when new movies come back to the theater again. I also got a new article published in The Deseret News, which was exciting!

How are you doing? How has this quarantine experience been for you? I’d love to hear your experiences. Take care and I’ll try to update sooner next time.


2 thoughts on “Quick Life Update

  1. Glad that you’re doing well, Rachel. Lockdown has been easing in the UK, so I’ve been able to see my parents properly again, which was heartening. My mood and my productivity has gone back and forth – there’s been some days where working at home alone has gotten me down – but I’ve mostly been alright; mindfulness helps.

    1. I’m so glad you got to see your family. Missing my parents at Easter was unbelievably hard. I hope I never have to go through that again. Glad you have been safe and healthy.

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