Merry Christmas 2019

christmas rachel

Merry Christmas everyone! Today I am having a quiet Christmas all by myself but I am enjoying the time of contemplation and rest. Today I finish my holiday movie watching which will end at 115 films.

Not only that but every film was reviewed on The Hallmarkies Podcast in one form or another. I know I didn’t technically see every release but I saw everything available to me or I certainly gave it my best shot. I’m very proud of what we have accomplished and of our team that worked extremely hard all as volunteers.

I also got to fulfill a career goal and go on Rob Has a Podcast to talk about a Lifetime movie called You Light Up My Christmas. Since Rob was a big influence on me getting into podcasting it meant a lot to me.

star wars

In addition to my part-time work I also made strides in my career goals as a film critic. I went to over 20 screenings in November and December and posted reviews on my website.  It can be exhausting but it was mostly a great experience! In the next few weeks I am going to be sharing my end of the year ranking lists so make sure you are subscribed/following my blog and youtube channel.

hale christmas

Reading this it may seem like all I achieved is work related lately but it aint far from the truth. Aside from Thanksgiving with my parents and getting to see Little Women with my sister Anna I didn’t do much outside of work. I did get to see The Christmas Carol at Hale Center Theater which is always a highlight of the Christmas season.

I also kept up my tradition of my Christmas Memory Tree and added a special tomato ornament to symbolize my start as an official film critic for In addition, a new tradition over the last 3 years has been doing a toy themed advent calendar and this year proved to be a lot of fun with my Funko Marvel calendar. I really liked the design of both the characters and the calendar so this was a nice boost to each day.


I also have my Christmas card which was created by artist Jessica Miller who has done some other design work for us at Hallmarkies Podcast. It’s my goal each year to come up with a unique card and I love how this one turned out; although I think drawing me is sexier than real life me! LOL.

So that’s been my Christmas season! I hope that you are having a great day and have had a lovely season. What have been the highlight for you? I’d love to hear in the comments section.


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