September Life Update

It’s crazy but somehow I haven’t updated this blog for an entire month. There are actually a number of times I thought about a topic to write on but I ran out of time. Let me give you a little update of what’s been going on in my life!

At the beginning of the month I recovered from my trip to D23 and Disneyland by attending another con here in Utah called FANX. They have 2 cons a year and at first I thought I was crazy to go to another con so quickly after D23 but I actually ended up having a good time. The video above compares both experiences. If push came to shove I’d take FANX.

Naturally I have been very busy with my podcasts. Hallmarkies Podcast has now acquired its 3rd sponsor and our first Care Of (25% off first order with code HALLMARKIES at renewed before we even gave them our reach numbers for the end of the month! The rep at Advertisecast said it was one of the fast renewals he’s ever seen. We also got a new sponsor who particularly asked for us that will start in November with Hello Fresh!

I’m also really excited about our growing merch store. We got a whole line of designs from artist Jessica Miller and I think they are so cute! Check it out here.

hot cocoa overload shirt

But even more than all that stuff I’m really proud of the content we’ve been putting out with interviews with actors, directors, and more. Plus, we have somehow managed to cover 2 shows and all the movies, which has pushed us probably beyond our breaking point. My team of volunteer cohosts is my rock and I can’t believe my good luck in finding them. I am beyond grateful for all they do for me.

Christmas is fast coming and I am nervously excited. In fact, this week on Wednesday we will post our first preview of the season for the Lifetime movies. I know it’s barely October but the first set of movies start before Halloween so we have to get on top of things.

I really enjoyed the latest Downton Abbey movie especially because my friend Stefani had an amazing party at her house where we all dressed up and drank herbal tea and ate scones! It was a smashing good time! After the party we all went to the movie together and it was my second time seeing it and I enjoyed it all over again. Here is my review if you missed it.

country music

Somehow with all I had going on I managed to find time to watch the new documentary series by Ken Burns on Country Music. I love his series whether it is about the Civil War or The National Parks or in this case Country Music. I love all the interviews and new and vintage photography. I learned a ton in this one especially about the early years of country music and bluesgrass. I highly recommend it!

I was also able to fulfill a career goal and get published twice in the Deseret News. I am hoping they liked my articles and will keep using me. The pay isn’t the best but it is something and the exposure is great. Check it out here.

Finally say a little prayer for me because I feel like I am fighting a cold coming on and I really can’t have it. I need to have my voice for a busy month ahead of recordings.


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