Oscar Party Fun

If you follow movie news at all you no doubt have heard what a messy awards season this year has been. From ending up hostless, to a withdrawn Best Popular Movie category, to not showing award winners for editing and cinematography, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences definitely wins the award for biggest mess! Fortunately we have waded through all the nonsense and the big night for movies is finally upon us. This Sunday is the chance to have a little fun, watch celebrities coo at each other, and think about the great year in film. And who knows? It could be a hot mess of a show like last year but that set the bar pretty high…


As far as the nominees go I’m fine with most of them. I was not a fan of Bohemian Rhapsody or VICE but the rest were good films, so I don’t have much of a complaint. If you are looking for some help on your Oscar ballots here’s a little video I did on my predictions (but I am notoriously bad at this so use at your own risk…):

The funny thing about the Oscars is even amongst cinemaphiles and movie critics they are fun but instantly forgettable. You ask most people who won prizes in 2016 and they have no idea. We give it this huge amount of meaning but it doesn’t really matter. So why not just have fun with the event? We need more excuses to relax and have a party with our friends.

I love appetizers and an Oscar party is a great chance to pull out some favorite recipes. For example, these skewers are simple, one savory, one sweet, all delicious!


You can also have fun games while you celebrate the best in film. You can make bingo cards for each of the nominated films or have prizes for who gets the most of their predictions right. You can even follow along to the show with this printable Oscars prop sheet.

But mostly I hope Oscars night will inspire you to check out some of these films especially more obscure ones that might have flown under your radar. Watch movies like Shoplifters or Minding the Gap that you might have missed and your life will be very blessed for it. Let me know how you celebrate the Oscars in the comments section and what are some of your favorite movies of 2018?

My friend Conrado and I had a lot of fun giving our own awards for last year on this podcast:



2 thoughts on “Oscar Party Fun

  1. I am not the kind of person who takes awards seriously, but I do like watching the Oscars. Giving people in the film industry awards is cool because no matter which category it is, making movies is hard work and it’s nice to see them rewarded for it.

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