Ranking Kellogg’s Cereal

Anyone who knows me knows I have a bit of a cereal problem. I love the stuff. It’s not something we were allowed to have often growing up as it was pricey so it still feels like a special treat. There’s something about the cold milk and the cereal that is just delicious whether it is for breakfast or a snack. I like sugar cereal, healthy cereal, any cereal. You name it. I like it!

This week I got an Kellogg’s Assortment Pack from amazon (it was an add-on item so a great deal). This includes 6 different flavors of cereal, and I thought it would be fun to rank the cereals. I have previously done a list of my top 10 favorite cereals if you want to check that post out.

6. Apple Jacks

There is something about the flavor of Apple Jacks I’ve never loved. It’s not awful but the artificial apple and cinnamon combination is a little weird. Plus I think they need more of the green loops and less of the cinnamon. The ratio is a little off.

5. Rice Krispies

I like a good bowl of rice krispies quite a bit. It is good for more than just cereal treats and the crackle pop is always fun! It only gets 5th spot because it doesn’t have a lot of flavor. I probably prefer cocoa krispies, which are one of my favorite chocolate treats!

4. Froot Loops

Despite them making Toucan Sam a bird with arm instead of wings (disturbing) froot loops is a pretty tasty cereal bite. The flavors might seem muddled but it’s mostly lemon that comes through. I like all the bright colors and it feels slightly naughty to eat! LOL

3. Pops

The Pops cereal is a nice combination of normal and sugary cereals. It’s definitely sweet but not as sweet as Froot Loops. It doesn’t get soggy super fast and it’s very tasty so you can’t go wrong with it.

2. Frosted Flakes

Tony the Tiger is undeniably the best mascot in all of cereals and Frosted Flakes are a classic for a reason. The corn flavor tastes great with the milk and I like to mix in blueberries, which add a tart pop to the sweet flakes.

1. Frosted Mini Wheats

I like pretty much any version of shredded wheat. The larger frosted variety are delicious but these mini versions are also great. I love when the shredded wheat gets absorbed with the milk. It’s like a little pocked of cereal yumminess. These take forever to get soggy and have just the right amount of sweet. Yum!

So there you have it my very controversial cereal ranking. How would you rank these 6 cereals? Let me know in the comments sections


2 thoughts on “Ranking Kellogg’s Cereal

  1. Ah, yes. I remember when Apple Jacks (ewww!), Froot Loops (yuck!) and Frosted Mini Wheats (tasty, but I preferred unsweetened shredded wheat) were introduced, back in the 1960s. The first two were terrible back then, and they never got any better. Frosted Flakes are so-so, as are Corn Pops, both of which date to the early Baby Boom years (I’m a middle-Boomer). Rice Krispies, which have been around for several years longer than my octogenarian mother has, are the only cereal in your featured bunch that I can eat, now, because they’re gluten-free.

    When dry or “cold” cereals were first invented, they took the place of a traditional dish called milksop (which was sometimes served as milk toast). This remedied the problem of bread storage: stale dry bread could be used for milksop, but even dry bread will get moldy. Because cold cereals are so much drier (plus they’re stored in preservative-treated packaging), they don’t get moldy, although they do get stale (but a short time on a tray or in a colander in the oven at low heat refreshes them). Like the meal they replaced, dry cereals weren’t very nutritious, until somebody had the bright idea to add a few vitamins to them, but they’re still not nutrient-dense enough to be a dietary mainstay. (Grains can be called the “staff of life” only because they can stave off starvation; an exclusively grain-based diet is one that will eventually lead to malnutrition.)

    When my kids were young, they mostly ate oatmeal and cream of wheat, and when I bought cold cereal, it was usually something without extra sweetening – except for chocolate-flavored varieties, of course (because chocolate is good for you)! 😀 We called the other sweetened stuff “silly cereal,” and if I bought it at all, it was for an occasional snack or treat, because the dash of vitamins gave it slightly more nutritional value than cookies or other sweets.

    Thanks for the loan of the soapbox. You can have it back, now. 🙂

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