Hallmarkies Podcast Happiness

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know about a new podcast I’ve become very engrossed in. In August my friend Amber and I decided to start a new podcast where we talked all about our favorite Hallmark Original Movies. Some of my cinephile friends laugh at my love for Hallmark movies but they are basically escapist fun for me. They are clean and happy and I just enjoy them.

The first podcast Amber and I did was on our favorite Christmas movies for Christmas in July:

We had so much fun doing this that we decided to make it a regular thing. Ever since things have progressed so fast and it has actually been really creatively inspiring. We have an instagram account where we post daily rewinds of our favorite Hallmark films and give Happy Birthday shout-outs to actors we have deemed ‘Hallstars’. https://www.instagram.com/hallmarkiespodcast/

We also have a twitter and facebook page that are a lot of fun. We live tweet as much of the content as we can and have a blast interacting with the actors and other Hallmarkies fans!

Naturally we are gearing up for the Countdown to Christmas with 33 movies this year and we are going to try and cover all of them.  We did a preview show that was so much fun. Even if you don’t like Hallmark movies I think you will have a good laugh as we read these over-the-top summaries.

We are also available on SoundCloud and Itunes and I would really appreciate it if you gave us a rating and review.

Yesterday was really fun because I got to interview a woman named Ruth Hill about a con of sorts that she attended for the Hallmark show When Calls the Heart. It seemed to mean something to her to be asked for an interview and we had a great time talking about our love of Hallmark!

To me it is kind of amazing that something as silly as Hallmark Movies can make me so happy.  The truth is it isn’t really about the movies. It is about working on a project with my friend Amber and meeting new people. It’s about making graphics and learning new skills. It’s about setting goals and making progress (had over 200 listens of our podcasts in the week we have been on Itunes!). It’s just a fun thing to be a part of!

The next few months should be very busy but isn’t that a great thing to be busy doing stuff I love? It sure seems that way to me. Today I feel happy and very blessed.  Even if nobody enjoys the content it’s all been worthwhile for me to make it.

Yay for Hallmark and Hallmarkies Podcast!


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