Utah Theater Profile 3: Broadway Centre Theater

Today I wanted to talk about the next in my Utah Theater Profile series. We already profiled the Tower Theater that is part of the Salt Lake Film Society.  Now we are talking about their other theater: Broadway Centre Theater.

Located in downtown Salt Lake, Broadway Centre Theater is a special art-house movie theater. Opening in 1991, the theater was built on the site of the historic Centre Theater and has 6 screens that showcase the best in independent cinema. It is also a theater used for Sundance Film Festival.

I am very grateful for the Broadway because I get independent films that some of my friends who live other places don’t get. They also showcase indie animation that can be very difficult to find. When I hear about a film more often than not I can turn to the Broadway and they are showing it.

My friend Phaedra and I at the STEP premiere at the Broadway

For more about Salt Lake Film Society and the Broadway Centre Theater check out their website.

Another cool thing about the Broadway is right next door is my favorite restaurant, The Copper Onion. Their food is a little on the expensive side but is so delicious. I have rarely had a meal miss there. It is billed ‘New American fare’ but I just know it is delicious. You can get a burger, pasta, soup  or steak but my favorite is the ricotta dumplings and beef stroganoff. But just everything is so yummy

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Copper Onion has an open kitchen with a long bar so it is very single diner friendly, which of course I appreciate. The staff is helpful and doesn’t seem to mind that I am the only diner. It’s a special place

So you can’t go wrong with dinner and a movie at Broadway Centre Theater and Copper Onion!


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