Utah Theater Profile 1: Tower Theater

One thing I have noticed amongst my movie fan friends is they often profile various theaters they like to frequent. I have always focused on the movies but I thought it might be fun to give a shout-out of where I like to attend the movies and why they are special.  This is particularly important for the art house theaters who need our patronage and support.

The first theater I am going to profile is The Tower Theater. This is about 25 minutes from my house and is located right up by the University of Utah- 876 East 900 South. It is the oldest operating theater in Utah opening in 1928.

It currently has one screen that shows independent films (is an official venue for Sundance Film Festival). I most recently saw My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea there with 2 of my friends.

They also frequently have film festivals and classic film showcases including most weekends. I saw all 3 Back to the Future films there and Akira, which was amazing on the big screen. This weekend they had a Harry Potter marathon with food and other activities to participate in.

The Tower Theater has a nice college vibe to it being so close to the university. They even have a selection of dvds and blurays that you can rent including tons of Criterion releases.

If you go to Tower Theater there are tons of good dining options but my favorite is Mazza Middle Eastern Cuisine. I get the sampler plate and make sure to have Muhamara. It’s a red pepper dip that is to die for.

Then after your movie go to Dolcetti Gelato for the best gelato you’ve ever had. I particularly love the pistachio flavor.

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Great independent films with great food. That sounds like a dream come true! They also have small batch fresh popcorn as well as other snacks at Tower Theater. The only downside is parking is very difficult so carpool or take mass transit if at all possible. (Uber would be a great option!).

Have any of you been to the Tower Theater? What do you think of it? I look forward to doing more in this series so let me know what you think. Thanks!


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