One Sentence Summer Movie Reviews

Over on my movie blog I have been chirping away reviewing movies with long-form essay reviews. When I was thinking of what to write about here it occurred to me you all might like to know my general thoughts as well. So I decided to go over all the new releases I’ve seen May-July and give a one sentence review of my thoughts. Of course longer reviews can be found at and I will put a big R next to the R rated releases so you know if that bothers you
I don’t see every movie. Nobody does but I have seen quite a few so here goes:
Wonder Woman- standard superhero plot but with an emotional journey for the lead character that dazzled me 👍
The Big Sick- hilarious true life story of love, sickness, family and religion. R👍
Personal Shopper- beautifully executed film with layers- part horror, tragedy, drama and best use of text messaging in film. R👍
War for the Planet of the Apes- epic and brutal prison film but in the end heroic ending for our heroes.👍
Dunkirk- reenactment more than a narrative but makes you feel like you are in the battle👍
Baahubali 2: the Conclusion- a jumbled insane mixture of song, dance, battle and fun👍
Captain Underpants- Cleverly mixes animation mediums, nice heart between 2 friends and some good laughs👍
Cars 3- it’s a cars movie but very well written with surprisingly touching message about society setting limits on us which we accept👍
Valerian- visual spectacle and fun ride through the galaxy👍
Everything Everything- touching teen drama executed well with great chemistry between the leads👍
Baby Driver- hyper-kinetic fun film with great music and chase scenes R👍
47 Meters Down- sharks under water are just as much fun as you can imagine- a blast!👍
Spider-man Homecoming- high school comedy and superhero meet up to an enjoyable mixture👍
My Cousin Rachel- Rachel is great and it is well made but lead male is so dumb👎
The Beguiled- pretty and very well executed but lacks tension of original R👎
Everybody Loves Somebody- unique bilingual romcom that doesn’t reinvent the wheel but is enjoyable👍
Wilson- very profane but has a sweetness to it that you can enjoy R👍
Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales- enjoyable romp with the pirates we know and love👍
The Hero- Great lead performance with a dull romance R👎
Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2- some nice visuals and moments but hurt by breaking the team dynamic which made characters a little annoying👎
The Mummy- some nice action set pieces but a pretty bland effort👎
Despicable Me 3- made me laugh a few times but a pretty poorly written plot👎
Band Aid- very little music and mostly lots of arguing and who wants to watch that for 2 hours? R👎
Diary of a Wimpy Kid- the Long Haul- strange mixture of adult and child humor that wears thin after a while👎
Sandy Wexler- much better than Sandler’s previous Netflix films but still bad👎
Lady Macbeth- characters with no chemistry make insane choices in this period dud R👎
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword- throwing a lot of stuff at the screen does not a compelling epic make👎
The Circle- uses a lot of buzz words but is surprisingly stupid👎
Gifted- good intensions by all but I was not buying what they were selling👎
Transformers 5- made me nauseated with the editing and story👎


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