Doctor Who Series 10 Review

Since I started my youtube channel and movie blog I have tried to use it as a chance to expand my horizons and learn about genres and franchises outside of my comfort zone. Last year I got into Star Trek and this year I decided to dive into Doctor Who!

For years people have been telling me to watch Doctor Who but it always felt overwhelming with the show lasting decades. How could I ever catch up? Well, my friend Jonathan approached me with the idea of doing a Doctor Who podcast and he assured me I’d be able to catch on diving right into the season and for the most part he was right.

So we have been podcasting about each of the episodes and having a great time and it turns out just like with Star Trek I enjoy Doctor Who! I obviously don’t have any other seasons to base my opinion on but I liked watching Season 10 and found it a thoughtful and creative show.

If you don’t know Doctor Who is about a man who is an alien time lord. He and his companion go throughout time and space fixing problems and trying to do good.There is a lot of creative imagery like the tardis and an array of aliens and creatures causing trouble.

My two favorite episodes of the season Thin Ice and Knock Knock were self-contained stories with a bit of a horror element. I found them creative and thoughtful. I was less thrilled with the more twist-infused episodes and a 3 episode arc with the most boring aliens you’ve ever seen. Still, even the bad episodes have interesting stuff in them and the performances were all good across the board.

Here is our ranking video of all 12 episodes

I really liked this season having Bill (Pearl Mackie) as a companion and Missy (Michelle Gomez) as the Master coming back. They were two strong female leads that both did a great job with their acting and had stories with real heart. Peter Capaldi was also great as the Doctor. There was a sense of his hanging on for dear life throughout the season, which gave some nice emotion to everything that was happening. I hope his send off is great in the Christmas Special!

I am not a big fan of writer/director Steven Moffat who ruined Sherlock this year. His influence was all over this season of Doctor Who and it was hit and miss. The finale he was able to create a good episode but other stretches like a monk storyline were manipulative and boring. (He truly is the M Night Shyamalan of TV…).

Still, even with some bumpy episodes I enjoyed getting introduced to Doctor Who and exploring a new fandom and world of stories. I look forward to podcasting about next season!

Have you watched Doctor Who? What did you think of this season? As I am new to the series I would love to hear your thoughts!

Overall Grade- B+


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