Winners 2/19/2017

Because of Valentines Day last week I didn’t do a winners post, so that means I have all the more things to talk about this week. This is a new series I have started where each week I pick things I think are worthy of praise- winners.  There is enough negativity around so I thought why not be positive for once.

This week’s winners are:

DSCF1026My Dad-

Today is my Dad’s birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!  He is a great father who loves the outdoors and spending time with his friends and family.  He is a great friend and an enthusiastic soul. I am very lucky to have him as a father.

Lego Batman-

For being hilarious and having real heart. Maybe not quite as good as the original Lego Movie but still pretty darn entertaining.

wp-1487490113896.jpgMy Amazing Nieces- 

My nieces Olive and Sparrow came for a visit and my nieces Lucy and Nelle sent me a care package for Valentine’s Day!


I got a new Spring wreath for my front door and I like it very much! It’s my favorite color purple. To order click here.


Might be unpopular opinion but I don’t really care for Beyonce so I was thrilled to see Adele win Album, Record and Song of the Year. I could care less about the Grammys and certainly didn’t watch them. Most current music I don’t care for but Adele keeps putting out albums I love. Hers was the only non-cinematic album I liked last year. So awesome to see it get recognized.  Plus, she looked beautiful in her green dress.

So that is my winners for this week. What do you think is a winner lately in your life or the world at large?


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