Winners- 1/28/2017

I thought I would start a new weekly series on this blog where I profile a few things that I feel positive about for the week. This could be TV, movies, books, food, whatever that has made me happy. There is so much negativity right now that it seemed like a good idea. So here goes:

  1. STEP- At Sundance film festival I saw the amazing documentary about a group of high school students who step dance, trying to make it out of inner-city. It was life affirming and inspiring. I can’t wait until the rest of you get to see it. Put it on your radar now. step
  2. Hacksaw Ridge- I was thrilled to see Hacksaw Ridge getting so much Oscar love. The filmmaker may have serious flaws but the movie was powerful. What I loved most about it was it’s not a person following their church. It’s a man who makes an individual covenant with God and then keeps to it until he cashes in all that faith for ‘one more Lord’.  A personal covenant is much harder to keep than something dictated by a church. I was so inspired by it and I’m glad the academy treated it like a movie not its filmmaker. Very violent though

3. Chocolate Covered Grapes- I was introduced to the delight that is chocolate covered grapes. I know it sounds weird but I’m telling you it makes you forget chocolate covered strawberries ever exited. The way the fruit pops in your mouth with the creamy chocolate is so delicious! I want more right now!

grapes24. School Choice Week- This week was National School Choice Week and it has been inspiring to read of the way school options and reform are changing lives. I am so excited we may have a real reformer/school choice advocates leading education. It is so needed.

5. Mary Tyler Moore- RIP Mary Tyler Moore.  I have been rewatching episodes of her show and it still holds up. I have all 7 seasons and they are so funny. They never sacrificed the gag for social commentary. The joke was always there and I love it.  If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it.


As far as losers this week it poorly ran ticket distribution at Sundance, driving way too much, and Martin Scorsese’s Silence which I absolutely hated.


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