Twitter Glory and Potatoes


“Life is tough, darling. Life is hard. And we better laugh at everything; otherwise, we’re going down the tube” Joan Rivers

As you can tell from my last post I’ve been struggling with some things happening of late particularly with the election. It’s just been a more than a little depressing. Fortunately, a funny thing happened on Thursday that brightened my day and I thought I would share it with you.

I’ve mentioned in the last couple of posts I have already cast my ballot for independent candidate Even McMullin. He is the only candidate I can remotely have even a particle of faith in and no I don’t care about throwing away my vote. (I can’t believe smart people like Orrin Hatch buy into such nonsense).

Anyway, Evan has been getting a lot of media and a broadcaster named Lou Dobbs tweeted out this:

Look Deeper, He’s nothing but a Globalist, Romney and Mormon Mafia Tool”

It’s a good thing he let me know because I’ve been a member of the LDS Church for my entire life and never heard of this “mormon mafia”. Well, Evan slayed it in his response letting Lou know there were people of many faiths part of his movement and then used hashtag #MormonMafia.

As any good mafia would do this started a barrage of funny tweets using #MormonMafia. I particularly liked one where they were dumping out the Coca Cola before the authorities came.

Well, I decided to join in the fun and tweeted out the above tweet “They don’t call them funeral potatoes for nothing” with a picture of the iconic Mormon side dish known as funeral potatoes.

If you aren’t aware funeral potatoes are cheesy potatoes often made at funerals because they are comforting, easy and most people like them. Hence the name.

potatoes2Anyway, before I knew it my tweet had exploded like nothing I had ever experienced before. Last checked it had nearly 1400 likes and 481 retweets, which is a lot for me and it was quoted in all kinds of publications from Washington Post, LDS Living to the Huffington Post! The entire day I had friends and family letting me know they saw my tweet.

Now I wish all of these people would subscribe to my channel but as they say any exposure is good exposure (most of the time at least). Nevertheless, it was a surreal and fun experience.

You see friends, when you tell a joke someone finds really funny it feels good. If they are rolling on the ground laughing, it makes you feel kind of clever for coming up with said joke. That’s how I felt last week except for with thousands of people including all the social media platforms. In a way it was a little overwhelming but it also felt pretty good!

It’s been a long depressing election cycle so I was grateful for a good laugh and the knowledge I’d made a few other people laugh if only for a moment. During this election we need those moments! Or at least I certainly need them.

This whole thing has also given me a fierce craving for funeral potatoes! But watch out for that Mormon Mafia. You never know where they will hit first.


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