Valencia, Spain Day 1

The first day in Valencia has come and gone and I am tuckered out! (If I fall asleep while typing this you will understand why when you hear all I have been doing!)

First a quick update on my day of travel to get here. So I was pretty nervous about the long flights. Being a bigger girl I usually try to get an upgraded seat but it wasn’t an option for this flight. It was just too expensive. Part of my apprehension came from a bad experience I had a few years ago where a woman made a scene because I had to sit next to her.  It was very embarrassing. Anyway, I was nervous something like that would happen and the flight would be a nightmare.

Well, it was a long, exhausting day of travel but luckily nothing too terrible happened.  It was uncomfortable and things were definitely tight but I made it through. The Paris airport was a maze and very overwhelming- probably the  most complicated airport I have ever seen in my life. But after 16 hours of travel I made it to Valencia and my sister Anna was there to greet me. What a nice smiling face to see! spain day4Once we got to my sister’s apartment we went to thai food of all things. Despite it being after 6 pm none of the restaurants were open.  I have learned quickly that you have to eat late in Spain! 9 pm is the opening time for some of these restaurants.

After dinner I had been going on 48 hours with no sleep and my body felt it, so we went home and crashed. I woke up early in the morning because of the jetlag and then Anna and her boyfriend Steve and I went to a neighboring restaurant for a baguette sandwich that was fine but kind of boring. After that Anna and Steve both had to work/go to class so I was on my own.  I took a taxi to the beach and as you can see from this photograph was in heaven!

DSCF0012I was a little nervous about going to the beach by myself because I didn’t want anything to happen to my stuff but I put my phone and other valuables in my safe swimmer which kept everything dry. There was a man selling chair and ‘umbrella’ space and that was well worth it. I got to enjoy the sun and ocean without being over-exposed to it. I was in heaven!

spain day1 spain day3Here is a little video clip I took of me in the water!

I stayed at the beach for 5 hours and loved every minute of it.  The water was the perfect temperature and it wasn’t too crowded to make it unfun.

Then I went and met Steve for dinner but again everything was closed so we ended up going to Burger King of all places but I was so hungry it didn’t really matter.

Once we finished dinner we met up with my sister for a concert of salsa music.  It was so much fun and made me feel right at home in Spain.

DSCF0028 DSCF0042Here’s a clip of some of the music.

A bunch of couples started dancing along which was fun to see!

Here is Anna and I at the City of Arts and Sciences building where the concert took place.

anna and rachelFinally we made our way home and I am one tired gal!

So that was the travel and my first day in Spain. What a busy great way to start out my trip! More updates to come


3 thoughts on “Valencia, Spain Day 1

  1. Hi Rachel,
    So much to say,where to begin. I’m glad the u made the trip over. I guess i would have to think about big seats if I were travelling as well. I love the turquoise dress u r wearing but love your bathing suit even more! where did u get your swimsuit? what kind of camera is it that you can use it under the water? also, love the safe swimmer. where is a cheap place to get that. I want to do all this that u r doing , blogging etc. u r such an inspiration!
    wish i was blogging and vlogging.
    love love that city art and science center in valencia!!!! can u swim in the water behind u or no? I love the architecture. I am def.going to be googling that for sure!
    the sea, also , looks very soft and warm…just the water . however the videos of u excited to see the waves were great. I would be reacting the same way!
    I am so happy you are in the water. u take to it like a dolphin. I am the same way with our swimming pools here. brave u went alone yet it was a good weather day so u r prob pretty safe.
    I have looked at day two but I have much to do tomorrow. so please remind me to come back here, if u think of it. I can’t keep track of everything my friends do as yet.
    I am glad u show your sister and steve as its nice to see your family and see that u r happy with them.
    take care,

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