Friday 5: Favorite Beatles Songs

Hey guys! This week for Friday 5 we got to pick an artist we want to showcase 5 of their songs. Recently I picked my 200th song for Friday 5 and I haven’t redone any songs except for Over the Rainbow that I’ve done 3 different versions. However, surprisingly I had only done 1 Beatles song- Yesterday! This surprised me because I love The Beatles (most people do!).

I think what makes The Beatles so amazing is how much variety they had in their career. They have the early be-bop stuff from the 60s and then get psychedelic later on with a more subdued tone in later albums like Let it Be.

My personal favorite era is young The Beatles with songs like ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ or ‘8 Days a Week’.

But for this list I picked 5 of my favorites from different eras:

(In no particular order)

  1. Hard Days Night
  2. Let it Be
  3. Hey Jude
  4. Can’t Buy Me Love
  5. Something

What are your favorite Beatles songs? What era of their music do you like the best. If you like the video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe. Thanks!

Tomorrow I am not doing the GSL race this year 😦  I’m a little sad about that but it is the right choice for me this year. With being sick and getting little sleep I just can’t do it this year but I will miss it.

Anyway, it’s a bummer but the right choice.

So what are your favorite Beatles songs? Hope you have a good weekend.


One thought on “Friday 5: Favorite Beatles Songs

  1. I just got The Beatles album Revolver (after being inspired by Mad Men for a long time) and I thoroughly liked it. My favorite is I’m Only Sleeping because it sums up how I feel when I wake up in the morning. The other one is “I Want to Tell You” because it sums up how I feel around people at school. Even the people who I consider friends there comment that I am extremely shy around most people.

    “Yesterday” is a very meaningful song. When I was staying in Upper Valley Medical Center, there was a very strange girl who spent a lot of her time humming rap songs and making random statements to me like “My brother owns a big truck. My brother wants to own a Ferrari. My brother is going to college so he can work in the computer business.” I dislike rap music, but then when she hummed the Yesterday song, I said, “Hey, I know that one. I actually like the Beatles,” so we could talk about them for a while. And it helped me understand her. I realized that for all of her outside attempts to constantly mask her feelings with humor, she was a very thoughtful and unhappy person. She probably put it best with: “Yeah, I’m homeless, living on the streets, but I like The Beatles and I’ve got some stuff going for me.” Or perhaps: “I have learned so much hard lessons and gone through so much in all my many years of life on this strange earth. But then again, I’m only 20.”

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