My Thoughts on Fair Use and #WTFU

Just a quick post today.  Recently there has been a movement amongst the youtube community commenting on its copyright management system.  It is a flawed system that stifles creativity and makes it too easy to file false claims.  I respect copyright but fair use is a viable defense in court when content is used for education, criticism and satire.  If youtube wants to have a creative community than they need to be consistent, fair and organized in how they handle fair use.  Things need to improve!

2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Fair Use and #WTFU

  1. Well said Rachel. As you know, I posted a review of “Race” recently on my new “Forrest on Film” channel. I was immediately flagged for copyright because I included a couple clips from the film. I am disputing the claim not only because I believe my use of the clips falls under fair use but because (as a professional film critic) I obtained the clips legally through a media distribution service and (to the best of my reading) my agreement with that company grants me rights to use the clips for review purposes … just as if we were using them on TV. Sadly, you are right that this has the potential to kill creativity on YouTube. I am not particularly worried about having my channel pulled because I am providing content to YouTube and, right now, the benefits to me are relatively small. If I am continually flagged, I will likely pull my own channel because I have other projects to work on. I certainly don’t think YouTube would suffer terribly from my departure, but if enough people leave, the service will be substantially devalued.

    1. Thanks so much. That’s amazing that even people in the press like you get pinged. You’d think youtube could set up a channel setting or something for people of the press so they don’t have to deal with these things.
      I wish youtube was handled more like blogging. I have now monatized my blogs and never have any problems with copyright and fair use there. Get it together youtube!

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