Cooking for Grandma

Saturday I had a great experience.  My Grandma is 93 years old and lives with my Aunt Kate in Salt Lake.  It is obviously hard for her to do certain things and my Kate recommended a few weeks ago we do some cooking for Grandma.  This way she would have food on hand to heat up quickly and eat.  It ended up being a huge project but a very satisfying one.

It was neat to do something where you actually make a product.  Most of my life is spent on a computer and it felt pretty good to work hard and see all the food layed out on the table.

cookingIt also feels good to serve people in your own family.  I think sometimes we forget to do that and focus on community groups or service organizations more.  It felt good to help my Grandma.  Plus, it was really a lot of fun to spend the day with my cousin Danielle and aunt Kate.

We ended working from 11 am in morning till after 5 pm, so it was a long day.  Here’s what we ended up making:

13 apricot pork meals including peas and couscous.  Here is the recipe originally for wings (great for Super Bowl if you are looking for something) but we used it for pork:

chicken apricotThen we also made tomato soup, chili and a big pot of spaghetti meat sauce.  On the side we had cornbread that we sectioned off ready for the chili meals and for a treat brownies.

Here’s some videos I took of the day:

We hope to do it again in a couple of months so if you have recipes you recommend for this kind of cooking please share.  Next time we will do it at my parents house as it was kind of tight in my kitchen but I’m glad we did it.  It felt good to serve and was a fun day with my Aunt and cousin. I am very blessed. Plus, the food turned out pretty good if I say so myself.


2 thoughts on “Cooking for Grandma

  1. I know it may seem unrelated but I just find it amazing your grandmother is still alive. My great-grandfather lived to be 95 and I met him when he was about 93 and asked if he was afraid to die. He smiled at me and said, “No.”

    1. She’s a pretty amazing lady and I think she’d have a similar response because she’d get to see my Grandpa who died in 2001. It’s amazing to have these strong people to look up too

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