Day: November 4, 2015

My Dream Pixar Pitches

I think you guys will get a big kick out of this post. In it I give what my dream pitches would be for Pixar sequels. Some of them are already underway with different ideas so this is just basically fan fiction but I enjoyed writing them. Take a look!

Rachel's Reviews

Today I was talking with a friend on twitter about Cars 3 and how we hoped it would be something that the Cars 2 haters couldn’t deny it was a quality film.  I have a feeling part of the reason they want to do the project is to prove the doubters wrong and make something great. I could be totally wrong about that but I still think it would be awesome if it is a good film. Anyway, I told him what my pitch for Cars 3 would be if the Pixar brain trust asked.  Clearly they are already in development and working on it so I’m not being realistic here.  But it just gave me the idea and got me thinking- if it was just me what would I want to see as a continuation for the Pixar properties.

This is all in fun but here’s what I would…

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