Friday Five: Songs from One Artist- Josh Groban

Hey guys!  It’s time for the Friday Five and this week Sara has asked us to profile an artist and pick 5 of his or her songs we like.  I debated on who to chose but she said we’d be doing this again so decided to go with Josh Groban.  I love Josh Groban partly because he has the voice of an angel but also for giving me one of the best concert experiences of my life.

I’ve seen Josh 3 times but the 2nd time was in 2007 before I started this blog.  I had gotten tickets way up in the bleachers and the only reason I was able to get those was because I had joined Josh’s fan club.  At this time in my life I was pretty depressed and miserable with my job and life, and just needed a pick-me-up you might say.  So I went to the concert with my roommate Camille and sitting way up high I was excited but it was a little hard to hear.

His opening act was awful but then they announced they were filming the dvd for his Awake album that night!  I was very excited and went and got a soda.  I’m not sure if it was my wearing the fan club t-shirt but a lady came up to me and asked if I wanted to change seats.  They needed to fill up the lower bowl seats for the DVD.  I said yes and grabbed Camille and we ended up on one of the top rows!  It was so amazing to go from zero to hero in a few minutes.  I was able to go right up to the stage and he kind of gave me a high five.  It was so thrilling and I think even more so because it was unexpected.  Felt like winning the lottery for one night!

Afterwards I was happy for like 2 weeks which was a long stretch for that time in my life.  I think it was one of those tender mercies sometimes God throws us along the way.  Not a big deal but just something to help us keep the faith.

So that’s why Josh Groban will always be meaningful to me.  Plus, his voice is perfection to boot!

Let me know what you think of my picks and video (if not subscribed please do!)..  And have you ever been to a memorable concert?  Share below.  Thanks so much!


2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Songs from One Artist- Josh Groban

  1. How did I miss your Josh Groban video? 🙂 Love love love him. Fun to hear your experiences. I too have seen him three times (including the one where they filmed the DVD!) I would have a hard hard time choosing five songs to highlight. I tend to love his Italian and Spanish songs though.

    1. Yay! A fellow Grobanite! Isn’t he amazing and believe me it was tough to pick 5. I also love his early Italian and Spanish songs and thought about including one of those. You can almost do no wrong. Did you get the recent Stages album? I love broadway so it was a huge treat for me.

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