Day: October 22, 2015

Back to the Future Marathon Event

Yesterday I had a super fun experience.  If you didn’t know October 21, 2015 is the day that Marty and Doc go back to the future in the 2nd film.

1031852_1280x720So to mark the day the Salt Lake Film Society had a Where’s My Hoverboard event where we got to watch all 3 Back to the Future films in a marathon watching session.   It was well organized event with of course popcorn and soda!

back to the future activity2They had a food truck with Doc Brown’s chili (and burgers).  It was very delicious.

back to the future activity4They made cool pins and these awesome t-shirts.

back to the future activity3They had contests and prizes and I won a blu-ray of Furious 7.

back to future activity2It was so much fun to be with a boisterous crowd for the films and will definitely go down as one of my favorite movie memories.  I am going to keep my eye out for of these kind of movie events.  It adds a lot to the movie experience.  Here is my thoughts on all 3 films.   If you aren’t subscribed to my channel I think you will really enjoy the content I am making:

You can also read my written reviews of all 3 films here

Thanks to Salt Lake Film Society for the great event and I hope to attend many more in the future.