Day: August 7, 2015

I Hate Forgetting Things

calvin and hobbesThis is just a quick post but seriously isn’t losing things and forgetting to do things the worst?  Or at least the most frustrating.

I thought this old Calvin and Hobbes showed the frustration well. Lately I keep losing things and forgetting to do stuff.  Like I lost an entire crate of Funko dolls that I was going to sell at the garage sale.  It has vanished and I have no idea where it could have gone.  I also lost my Pixar Shorts DVD and had to buy another copy because it vanished.

Then today I found out I had forgotten to register myself for the race tomorrow.  I could have sworn under oath I had done that.  I remembered to register my Dad but forgot myself.  Luckily they have space and enough  medals for me to sign up there.  Still, the fact I forgot is baffling.

When I was in college I wanted very much to be treated like an adult and to be what I called “mature”.  For some reason I saw losing things or forgetting stuff as immature.

There is one instance I will particularly never forget.  My sister Anna was in a glee type choir and  in order to perform at the state fair she had to be at practice on a day when the rest of the family was out of town.  My parents decided to send her home early and expected me to make sure she got to the practice.  This involved a lot of pieces getting her home including my Grandma picking her up at the airport and driving 4+ hours roundtrip to get her from the airport.

Then the day arrived and my sister and I started to organize her room.  In my mind I was trying to be helpful and present the family with a cleaned up house on their arrival home.  Unfortunately I didn’t realize that an hour had gone by and then another and one more.  You get the idea.  We forgot about the practice!  I was mortified and everyone was rightfully very upset with me. It was so embarrassing at the time.

Nobody involved probably remembers that story except myself but it was awful.  Forgetting can be like that.  It can be very awkward, uncomfortable and frustrating.

Another funny example is when I was in high school I again was very concerned about appearing mature and grown up.  I hated being treated like some stupid teen and wanted to be respected.

Well, my Dad was letting me drive a car of his and I was so wound up I kept forgetting to put the gas cap back on the car. To me this wasn’t just a gas cap but a sign that I was completely incompetent.  One day after losing the cap I had gone through enough and burst into the home sobbing.  My Dad of course worried I had been in an accident or something but then I said “I lost the gas cap again” and he started to laugh.  It really is such a silly thing to get worked up over but at the time it was symbolic of my inability to handle my grown up responsibilities.

Anyway, losing stuff sucks.  It really does.  Forgetting stuff sucks.  It really does!  I suppose I could get better organized but sometimes that is even worse because I have no idea where I have organized it.  So for meantime I just get a little annoyed and then try to laugh it off.  It’s just one of those frustrating things.  What are you going to do!