Why Millennials Are More Nostalgic Than Other Generations

I’m not a millennial (not sure what I am) but I thought this was a really interesting blog post.


We’ve all heard our parents talk fondly about the “good ol’ days,” where summers consisted of playing outside til dinnertime and evenings were spent pouring through the pages of a good book instead of scrolling through the pages of Tumblr. Pretty soon, my generation, the millennial generation, will be telling these stories to future generations, but with a heavier level of nostalgia. I notice that when it comes to growing up, millennials are more resistant to the idea of becoming “adults,” and we often recoil into the comfort of memories from the 1980’s or 1990’s – our “good ol’ days.” But why is it that the millennial generation seems to be the only generation to be overly nostalgic?

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3 thoughts on “Why Millennials Are More Nostalgic Than Other Generations

  1. Millennials are generally any generation from 1980 to the early 2000s so technically both of us could be considered millennials. I consider you, Doug Walker,, James Rolfe, and my Uncle Nate, etc. to be part of the MTV generation. I border millennial to Generation Z.

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