Day: July 21, 2015

Pixar Review 25: Up

I reviewed Up over on the movie blog. As it is my favorite movie I thought I would share it with all of you. Please check it out and if you aren’t following the movie blog I would love if you do. That is if you enjoy movies and movie reviews at all.
Thanks so much and what do you think of Up?

Rachel's Reviews

up_posterIt’s really hard to write about your favorite movie, or at least it is really hard for me.  So has been my challenge for the last week or so as I’ve faced writing about Pixar’s beautiful film Up, my favorite movie (animation or not).

To this day I have never met anyone in my real life who doesn’t like Up, and it is both my brother and my favorite movie and we are as different as can be.  It was also nominated for best picture not just animated film and receives  wide-spread acclaim from critics and fans with a 98% on rotten tomatoes with only 5 rotten reviews and 276 positives.  On the notoriously tough to please imdb Up has a 91% of user reviews a 7 or higher, which is truly remarkable.  You get the idea. I’m not alone in loving this movie!

I like Up so much when…

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