Day: June 29, 2015

Disneynature Ranking

Over on my movie blog I recently watched all the Disneynature documentary films and they are pretty great. I’m not the biggest animal person but to see God’s beautiful creations was awe inspiring.

What the Disney filmmakers do to make these movies is remarkable. I don’t know how they do it! Especially the African Cats and Bears where they are so close to these massive animals that are hungry.
My favorite is a lesser known entry called Crimson Wing that really drew me in. I was angry at the hyenas hunting the flamingos and rooting for the little baby birds with their salt shackles. It’s very good!

They are all great. Here is my ranking of all 8 films. Have you seen any of them? What are your favorites?

Rachel's Reviews

Hi guys!  So I have finished reviewing the Disneynature films!  It has been such an amazing experience to see God’s creation in all their variety and order.  I’ve learned a lot, been entertained and inspired.  But I know you are dying to know now that I have seen all 8 how do they rank?  First of all, they all have incredible cinematography and what these people do to get these images is unbelievable.  They risk their lives to keep all of us and especially children aware of these animals.  That is worthy of the strongest praise.  All of them are worthy of integration into the classroom and could be valuable parts of any home library.

But here is my ranking of the films.

wings of life28. Wings of Life–  bugs just aren’t that cute and I didn’t learn that much about the bees or bee crisis.  The only one I would…

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