1000th Post- First Post Revisited

1000-postsSo it’s here! 1000 posts! Can you believe it? I’ve thought of a lot of different things I could do to celebrate but after sharing my favorite post for 999 I thought I would take a look at my very first post on this blog.

Before I start I will say that I in no means make light of those who are without work and facing the extreme trial of unemployment.  My experience was unique and from the perspective of a young 28 year old girl who finally found a happy spot in her life.

May 12, 2008 I wrote The Freedom of Joblessness.At the time I had been unemployed for 5 months and because I had been so unhappy in my previous job it was not as difficult a time as you might expect.

It was exciting and it felt like I had a renewed lease on life.  I had also just graduated with my MBA in April.  At the time it seemed like I had been set free from a corporate penitentiary and I wanted to blog about it!

“So, this is my first foray into the world of blogging… It is hard to describe my last 6 months but let me just say that I am in the job hunt and I couldn’t be happier. I honestly think I will be a bit sad when I have to go back into the work force”

At my previous job a manager made my life miserable and being free from her influence did so much good for my self confidence and over all happiness.  I think that was a large amount of the freedom I felt.  I said “after a bit of a breakdown last year I needed a change more than anything”…

I then share a quote “I would rather be doing nothing than doing something I hate”

But that sounds so lazy I hear you say. I elaborate

“The thing…is that I haven’t been doing nothing.  When did we get it in our head that the only viable thing for a person to do is work? I have actually been very busy.  In fact, I have been doing things that I actually love that I don’t have time for when I am working including doing some writing, making a cookbook for my mom, and exercising on a regular basis”

I think there is something to that.  Why do we have this assumption that if a person isn’t participating in paid labor they are doing nothing? If I won the lottery and could make it I would quit my job in a heartbeat even though I love my job now.

The amazing thing is about 10 days after this post my Dad asked me to start working managing his rentals.  I did that for about a year working from home.  Before I knew it I was working for Grabber part time.  Then full time and then over to Poler, Now Kobayashi  All working from home!

When I look at everything good in my life including this blog it all started with the tough decision to quit my job.  To place my happiness above all the other factors and go for it. That joy felt freeing and peaceful and it still does and perhaps that’s why I keep blogging.  It was liberating then and it is liberating now!

To 1000 more posts!


5 thoughts on “1000th Post- First Post Revisited

  1. Congratulations… When i started it was strictly for my family….(because I live in such a remote area and only got to speak to them when i drove into town once or twice a month). But a funny thing happened strangers started to stop by and comment on what I had written. It was like blood in the water around sharks, I was hooked. Now I write about everything from Alaska and religion to politics and patriotism. I do not know if I will reach 1000 posts, (now nearing 500), but from what you have written in this posting it seems that your life is definitely headed in a good direction….again congratulations.

    1. Thank you! I never thought about 1000 posts. At the time it was just a tool to process the breakdown I had with leaving my old boss and job. I had to rebuild and blogging just seemed like the way God wanted me to do it.

      I like how your unique life has inspired you to write and others to read. I’ve found that too. I’ve always thought of my blog as less like a diary and more like my own magazine where I can post articles about things I like. The fact that other people like them blows me away.

      And when you think about it in any other age a single woman would probably live at home and be a teacher or nurse. But not me. I can be a home owner and masters degree grad and have this platform to talk to the world. It’s amazing!

      Please keep checking in and keep blogging

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