Pixar Review 6- Toy Story

Check out the movie blog for my review of Toy Story. I am reviewing all the Pixar films and shorts and I think you will really enjoy them. Toy Story is just the best. It had been a while since I’d seen it and I watched it 3 times for this review and was completely charmed by it.  I see why it is the classic so fondly remembered.

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toy storyWhat is the great human fear? I think it is the fear of being replaced or forgotten by those we love (or even the world at large). I propose to you that is the reason why Toy Story is such a great movie.  Yes it’s a game changer in the world of animation and yes it introduced the world to 2 of the most delightful characters in movie history but at it’s core is a message that we can all relate too.

Toy Story is of course Pixar’s first animated feature film and the first CG film from any studio. After getting Oscar recognition for Tin Toy the idea of a lost toy started with John Lasseter and crew and they were able to convince Disney to sponsor their project.  It took them 5 years to make and what they came up with is one of the most likable entertaining…

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10 thoughts on “Pixar Review 6- Toy Story

  1. The last time I saw this was in a theater where it was being run in 3D with Toy Story 2 to precede the release of Toy Story 3.

    I agree that this is good but it’s also very shlocky. It doesn’t hold up very well for rewatch, I think, especially since there are not many surprises. Still it is a timeless story that’s more than just a computer animation showcase. After all, no one is impressed with the animation anymore but they keep watching it in 2015, that says something!

    I will say that it is part of one of my earliest memories, though. I remember very vividly watching it and a VHS of Aladdin while sleeping with my brother in my adoptive grandmother’s back room when I was 2 or 3.

    I also remember my father hated the scene where Woody and Buzz get into a fight at the gas station, and may have even fast forwarded through it.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with it. I think many have those moments with Disney and Pixar at our Grandparents and other family. I find all the Pixars to be very rewatchable but I am someone who can rewatch something again and again if I like it. I think I got it from my younger siblings who were always watching things over and over again. It rubs off on you 🙂 . It had been a while since I had seen Toy Story and I thought I liked 2 and 3 better but now I’m not sure . We will see!

      1. It was almost non-existent except for the beginning of Toy Story 2 with the floating rocks (which for some reason was run first). Other than that I could have just taken off the glasses.

        I don’t see 3D movies much. I think the only other experience I had with 3D was a SpongeBob Squarepants show at a zoo that actually was very involving and audience participatory.

        1. That’s what I figured. I usually don’t go for the 3D either. Not worth it.
          Movie at the zoo? That sounds fun.

  2. It wasn’t a movie, it was a specially made episode of SpongeBob. There was even a part where SpongeBob was stung by jellyfish and mild vibration buzzers were activated in the armrests.

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