Movie For Every Year of My Life

I thought you guys would enjoy this post on the movie blog. I decided on one movie made for each year of my life. It was a lot of fun so check it out.

Rachel's Reviews

Rachel's Movie Festival!(2)

Just for fun I thought I would go through and pretend I was doing a movie festival where I had to pick out a movie made in every year of my life.  These are not nececssarily the Oscar winners or most highly praised, just which one’s stand out for me.  Some years there are strong honorable mentions like 2012 and 2007 and others it was easy like 1990.

Here goes:

1981- Raiders of the Lost Ark

1982- ET

1983- A Christmas Story

HM- Return of the Jedi

1984- Amadeus

HM- Ghostbusters

1985- Back to the Future

HM- Goonies

1986- Ferris Buellers Day Off

HM- The Mission

1987- Princess Bride

HM- Moonstruck

1988- Who Framed Roger Rabbit

HM- My Neighbor Totorro

1989- The Little Mermaid

HM- When Harry Met Sally, Indiana Jones and Last Crusade, Dead Poets Society

1990- Home Alone

1991- Beauty and the Beast

HM- What About Bob?


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