Scrooge Month Introduction!

I am excited to announce on my movie blog site I am going to be starting Scrooge Month! As my gift to all of you for the holidays I am going to be reviewing as many versions of Christmas Carol as I can. Merry Christmas and Bah Humbug!

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scroogesI am excited to announce to all of you my next project.  Consider it my Christmas gift to all of you wonderful readers.  I have always loved Charles Dicken’s Christmas Carol.  I see it at our local theater, Hale Center Theater Orem, every year and watch as many film versions as I can.  This year I figured let’s hunt down some more unusual one’s, as well as the favorites and blog about it.  This should cover everything from silent movies to animation to Muppets.  I’m really excited!!

I won’t go through the basic plot for each review because they are all basically the same, but I will note different choices in each version, talk about the leads and each strength and weakness.


If you live under a rock and don’t know the story of A Christmas Carol it is about a Victorian banker named Ebeneezer Scrooge who has allowed his…

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16 thoughts on “Scrooge Month Introduction!

    1. When I post my review on it you will have to add your comments as a new viewer. It is funny but can be vulgar just a warning.

  1. My two favorites were the Reginald Owen version and the Mr. Magoo cartoon (in fact, two musical numbers from the latter production provided partial inspiration for scenes in Chapters 4 and 27 of my first novel).

        1. Ha! I have it and am definitely going to review it. I’ve never seen the Mr Magoo cartoon. Was that a favorite of yours?

        2. I can recall watching Mr. Magoo’s television show adventures when I was a kid, and I think that the Christmas Carol feature was the first animated TV Christmas special.

          I remember no details about the TV shows, except that Magoo drove a funky old car and was always getting into trouble. The jokes would have been far over my head, and I’m sure that nowadays the show would probably be considered politically incorrect.

          Magoo resembled my great-uncle Andy, who wore the same kind of hat and had a bulbous nose and always totally ignored us kids when he and Aunt Soph came to visit (Gramma’s younger sister Sophie was like a bonus extra grandmother, because they had no kids of their own). But it never bothered me that, as a cartoon “hero,” Mr. Magoo was an elderly man: there was no “generation gap.”

          It may have helped that he was depicted as being as severely nearsighted as I was. You always knew that something was up when Magoo would suddenly lose his squint and stare with wide-open eyes at his latest catastrophe. But most of the time he seemed to be blissfully unaware of the mayhem he was causing, and of course he always got out of trouble by the end of the episode.

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