My View on Disney Princesses and Feminism

Just wanted to share with you guys my piece on Disney Princesses that I wrote for the Disney blog. It focuses a lot on teaching femininity and gender stereotypes to our children. A princess is not by its nature bad. Just like an alien, king, mutant, wizard can be bad or good depending on what the story does with it. Anyway, if it’s your thing enjoy!

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This post is another little interruption from my reviews to answer a question I’ve gotten from friends and on social media.  I clearly have issues with female Disney characters who only exist to make bug eyes at boys and have them fall instantly in love with them- or instant love as I have coined it.  The end of the Jungle Book makes me nuts.  The girl fox, Vixey in Fox and the Hound I hated especially because Tod was acting like a real idiot and she hears a song and goes right back to the old batting the eyes…


These characters annoy me because they are only there as a love object and that is it. It’s like the Disney equivalent of porn.  Just look at me and you are hooked, hypnotized by my feminine wiles…

jungle book She sings about cooking and cleaning, bats her eyes and…

mowgli and Mowgli is hooked…

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2 thoughts on “My View on Disney Princesses and Feminism

    1. Thanks. Being a huge Disney fan I admire all of them. The thing I love about Lilo is she is a little girl, and a strange one at that (which most little kids are!). Very few Disney movies are about children, which is strange but true.

      Mulan is definitely one of my favorites but I will always have a special place in my heart for Belle and Ariel. Both defied their cultures and customs and sought for something more. I admire that. Plus, the idea of Ariel feeling uncomfortable in her own body is something I can understand and some people think she is bratty but I think she is just standing up for who she is and where she knows she belongs. Triton learns that in the end which is why he changes her.

      So yeah Belle and Ariel are my favorites although I also like Rapunzel and Anna/Elsa and feel they are kind of the new Belle and Ariel for little girls today to look up to and sing along with

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