The Best Movie I’ve Ever Seen

I wrote this post on the disney blog about movies that changed my life and how to talk about them without offending or being a jerk. I think it is pretty well written so check it out

Rachel's Reviews

Please forgive me my friends for taking a slight detour off of Disney, but I thought it would be helpful before diving into the Renaissance (which will start after my Oliver and Company review) to talk about the experience of movies, both bad and good.  I know many of these upcoming films are not only favorites but near- sacred childhood experiences.  I know that because I agree.  For me attending The Little Mermaid was what Star Wars was for a lot of boys.  It was the movie that spoke to me and seemed to be telling my story.

little mermaid

I don’t want to give away my Little Mermaid review (which I will try to watch somewhat objectively but it’s going to be tough) but I remember first seeing it as well if not better than I remember my baptism which was the same year (yikes but true).   My Mom took…

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