Day: September 12, 2014

Blue Lemon

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to my favorite Utah restaurant which just opened a new location in Sandy about 10 minutes from my house, Blue Lemon!

blue lemon3Blue Lemon serves American cuisine, both entrees and desserts. It is fine dining level quality without the high price tag.  Honestly cooking is more for personal enjoyment when you’ve got something this good for this reasonable a price.

blue lemon 6For $12 including a drink I got chicken curry meal with rice pilaf, veggies and a pear blue cheese salad.  I couldn’t make all that for $12 for just me.  No way.  It was delicious! I’ve rarely had a miss at Blue Lemon’s other locations.

In fact, last year I went to the Black Sheep Cafe in Provo and spent double what Blue Lemon cost me and I prefer the Blue Lemon meal.  Black Sheep wasn’t bad but i definitely wasn’t worth double.

It is served cafeteria style so you also save in waiter fees and tips.  The assembly line is out front so you can see your food being made.  They also have a large booth of delicious desserts.  Last time I went I got a flour-less chocolate cake and it was so rich I could only eat half of it. Delish!

blue lemon8Not only is the food great at a great price but the ambiance is special too.  I love the design of the table sections with the wood, sofas and chandeliers

blue lemon4And the rest of the design is modern without feeling cold.

blue lemon 5It’s got it all!

So if you haven’t been go check out Blue Lemon.  You won’t be disappointed.

Blue Lemon

11372 S State St
Sandy, UT

Oh and they also have a full breakfast menu that is delicious.

Now I’ve made myself hungry.  May just have to go there for lunch!



The Best Movie I’ve Ever Seen

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little mermaid

I don’t want to give away my Little Mermaid review (which I will try to watch somewhat objectively but it’s going to be tough) but I remember first seeing it as well if not better than I remember my baptism which was the same year (yikes but true).   My Mom took…

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