North Shore Dreams

Today sucked.  My computer died in the middle of working on a project for work for the 7th time in 2 months.  Then I was on the phone with HP and trying to get a printer to work for a tenant and it wouldn’t.  Then another printer would’t work. Then a scanner wouldn’t work. 

Tonight tried to do some videos for my channel and spent about 4 hours to face 2 corrupted files that were edited and a complete mess!

Needless to say it was just one of those days….

On days like today I try to go to a happy place.  And for me it is always the same.  The happiest I have ever been was on the North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii.  I literally think about it every day I’m not there and one of the dreams of my life is to have a little place to go to on the North Shore whenever I want.  Even if it was 200 square feet and had a shared bathroom I wouldn’t care because I’d be where I love.

When I was asked to write this blog I thought what would be the perfect day on the North Shore and this timeline immediately came to me. 

My Dream Day on the North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii.

First thing I would do is wake up early and head towards Sunset Beach.  At SB they have a lovely bakery and restaurant called Ted’s Bakery.  Ted’s is famous for their cream pies (they were selected by Food and Wine Magazine as one of the US best pumpkin pies and that’s not even their specialty. teds bakery2

Donuts and pastries are delicious.
Get a hearty breakfast with local specialty spam and eggs. Will stick with you all day in the sun and beach
Pack a cooler with some sandwiches and get some pie for lunch!

  With a good breakfast you are ready to go to Waimea Bay which has great surf most of the year and a long shoreline.  Parking is small so you may have to sit in your car and wait till someone leaves.  Don’t worry it is worth it. 

waimea bayI mean does it get better than that? Not for me.

Although signs warn against it many jump off the large rock into the bay.

Waimea Beach

You can surf, enjoy the waves, swim, or get some sun.  Last time I was there I even saw some dolphins

dolphins Here I am with the surf boards after a day in the water

surfOnce you are ready to leave the beach you can go over to the Waimea Bay Falls and take the leisurely trail to swim with waterfalls.   I am not a hiker but this trail is super easy and beautiful.  Plus, swimming in the falls is super fun.

waimea trail waimea lillies waimea bay fall2 waimea bay fall

After all that you will be exhausted, so head over to the shrimp trucks like Giovanni’s.

shrimp truck shrimp2

Full of delish food, beautiful waves and scenery you will be ready to crash and then start all over again.



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